Go to school, to which, for your information, not long ago treated your home. Contact the head teacher or the school Secretary with the question of whether today your house in the territory covered by this school. Sometimes, however, the administration of the school cannot be sure that for the upcoming academic year the territorial distribution will remain the same. The expansion of cities is often put before the authorities of the municipality or local self-task on the optimal ratio of the number of enrolled children in schools.
In that case, if in school you did not get a clear answer, ask a question about territorial jurisdiction in the city or district Department of your city. Personally visit the office of the Secretary of the Department or inspector in your area. Here you can get information about an existing for today the distribution of municipal schools in residential areas or on the planned changes.
However, in situations with new buildings, the municipality decision on the PostScript to the schools constructed homes may not be known even to the Department of education. The best solution is to find out what school applies to your new home directly in the city administration.
Please contact the administration office and confirm who in your municipality deals with the issues of the territorial distribution of schools. Come on reception to the official and find out the necessary information or write a letter with this request to the administration. The letter should indicate the exact address of your accommodation. After the allotted time you give a hollow answer to what school is assigned a house in which you live.