Advice 1: How to find out which addresses belong to the school

When the child is going into first grade, this event and joyful and anxious at the same time. Because you need so much time to provide. One of the first questions that arises for parents of future first-graders - which school to send their child. For example, each house belongs geographically to a particular school. And not always the parents know where the school.
How to find out which addresses belong to the school
You will need
  • phone;
  • -address directory;
  • -computer with Internet access.
First collect all the data about what schools are near your home. This can be done via the Internet or directories. But consider the fact that not necessarily the nearest school to you will suit you you around. Sometimes quite unpleasant surprise for the parents getting the news that "their" school is quite far. Once you have a list of the schools, read their websites. In the sections "Forum", as a rule, have asked similar questions. This means that there is already a detailed answer, indicating all addresses.
If the school doesn't try to learn all the information you need by phone. For this call admission. There you will either consult or transfer it to a technician trained to use this information.
If a school failed to find out - did not get through, can't catch the person responsible for your matter, call the district office of the Department of education. There you will also connect with a counselor who can explain in detail. You can clarify other issues that interest you. For example, what documents should I bring to school to enroll her child.
You can also use the hotline of the Department of education. In Moscow to do this, call by phone (495) 366-70-94 during office hours. Is: Monday to Thursday 8.00 to 17.00 Friday from 8.00 to 15.45. Lunch break from the experts of the hotline from 12.00 to 12.45. Here you can also advise or direct for advice to the responsible specialist.
Another way to find out where you need school, is to remember where you go to vote. After all, geographically the polls divided on certain locations. Typically, homes that are included in the lists of voters in elections, belong to the educational institution where in fact these elections and pass.
Useful advice
If you or your child do not want to go to school, which you put on the residence, you can choose any other. However, remember that if you are going to the school to which the registration does not belong, you risk not to get there. Since there is precedence set will be for "their" children.

Advice 2: Which school is better to give the child in Moscow

The parents usually pre-determined by the school that want to give the baby. However, because Moscow has a huge number of schools to choose perfect institution is quite difficult. What the Moscow school are the most popular and high quality, detailed education?
Which school is better to give the child in Moscow

The best schools of Moscow

The best schools of Moscow has been repeatedly recognized educational institutions such as Lyceum №1535, sunts Moscow state University, school №179 of the Moscow Institute of open education, "the Fifty seventh school" Lyceum "Second school" and gymnasium No. 1543. Also well-proven liceum 1580 at Bauman im. Bauman, Lyceum №1502 at MEI gymnasium №1518 and gymnasium No. 1514.

Popular today are secondary schools that combine the teaching of General and special subjects.

Gymnasiums and lyceums of Moscow differ from the standard school curricula, the multidisciplinary advanced additional training, advanced degrees of teachers and the learning of a second foreign language. In addition, these schools have a more strict discipline, its own symbolism, modern equipment and redundant teaching staff. High school students in Moscow lyceums and gymnasiums becomes approximately 75% of the students.

How to choose a good school in Moscow

When choosing a school first and foremost to find out all about the teaching team and the curriculum – the amount of homework, the maximum number of optional subjects, the richness of the program. You also need to focus on the abilities of the child and depending on them to choose a school with linguistic, mathematical, sporting or other relevant bias. In addition, when choosing a school for your child you must visit the chosen institution to see its atmosphere and discipline.

Today for gifted children there are many specialized schools where their abilities will be developed to the full.

Not superfluous would be to communicate with teachers and Director, and also receiving data regarding the participation of schools in contests and competitions, her awards and achievements. A very important factor is the location of the school – the child should have no trouble to get to it, and parents should be convenient to bring and pick up student if necessary. Choosing between a private and a public school, it should be remembered that in each of them there are differences between the volumes of financial investments and payment methods. When applying to private school need to find out in advance the amount of the monthly payment with an additional payment, inclusive. State schools are usually much cheaper, however, to clarify the approximate costs after all desirable.

Advice 3: How to work out which area is the house

There are cities in which there is no clear boundary between the districts, therefore the residents of certain houses often raises the question of what area is their place of residence. It is possible to find out through various agencies.
How to work out which area is the house
Please contact the management company or building society in your home. You can ask about what district is your home in both verbal and written form through a statement. The second form may be preferable in cases where the Charter of the organization provides for the disclosure of information to the citizens only by providing the reasons for the information. The statement will indicate the please indicate what district is your apartment house, for example, in connection with obtaining the exact address to send a letter, etc. Usually the term of consideration of such statements does not exceed 1-2 days.
Find out where is the nearest to you regional administration. As a rule, in its name provided the necessary information, for example, "the administration of the Central district." Call the Agency or visit in office hours. Usually representatives of the administration without delay report in which the district is a part of a particular residential house. Also if you know your postcode you can visit the appropriate post office and ask the staff to help you compile your detailed address, for example, to send an email or subscribe to various publications.
Enter the address of your home in one of the Internet search engines such as Google. So, you can find websites that provide detailed information about its location. Pay attention to official city resources – district administrations, the city administration, Duma, the Federal migration service, etc., because they contain the most accurate and reliable information.
Use the electronic directory 2GIS through the official website of the service or the app for your computer or phone. Download the map of your city. Reduce the map scale to minimum. Then you will see the boundaries of areas and will be able to determine which of them is your home.
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