Advice 1: How to find lost passport

Unfortunately, the loss of the documents is not such a rare event. Moreover, such a situation gives a person a lot of trouble and worries. The passport is the main identity document that gives a lot of rights. Therefore, it is crucial to take measures for its return.
Should keep a sober mind and not to panic. Perhaps in the everyday life, the passport is simply shifted to another location and forgot about it. There's also the possibility that the identity card was accidentally left at work. You just need to call and ask our colleagues to see if they such an important document?
If still the document not found, you should immediately contact the police Department or to the district inspector. After all, the passport can easily use the crooks, having someone else's name on the loan or worse, to commit any criminal offense. The police will need to write a statement about the loss, after which it will be registered. Further, the citizen will be given a ticket, which will serve as a protection from intruders. If the document exists, it will return to the rightful owner.
Real help can have multiple lost and found, which often received the documents. You only need to provide personal information, you will immediately be contacted in case of need.
You can write the Declaration with a request to return lost passport for a fee. Remember where presumably he could get lost and hang the flyer in this place. But in such cases it is necessary to be vigilant and be sure to ask the caller about the special signs missing, known only to the owner. Because often the scammers demand an award for the document, which they never found. In this connection, you cannot specify in the ad for more details, for example, a series and passport number.
Another effective way to attract which has the probability of recovering a lost document, are social networks. It is advisable to distribute an announcement to certain groups specializing in the findings. Attracting the attention of an increasing number of users, increasing the chance to find the lost passport.
Document to find and failed? Then the correct solution would be to go to the passport office with the application for a new passport. However, in this case, the penalty can not be avoided.

Advice 2: How to find lost documents

The loss of documents happens quite often. The first feeling one experiences is the panic, anxiety and stress. Loss of passport or driving licence unsettling, bringing additional trouble to an already difficult life.
How to find lost documents
You will need
  • paper;
  • - handle.
Where to go, where to go and what to do when missing such an important thing like passport, pension certificate, driving license or birth certificate? Calm down. Try to search the documents again. Sometimes a man is nervously not see the obvious, and the necessary things are in plain sight. If you can't do it yourself, ask them to conduct a search of a person who is near you. If you are at home, ask the family, did not see anyone your passport (the rights agreement). Probably the document just shifted.
If the document is nowhere, then sit down and remember where you went last time, in what instances showed documentswhere you saw them last time. Maybe you forgot them at work. Go back and find out not whether there are your documents.
Contact the Desk or lost and found. Such organizations often bring found documents. Leave your personal data and will contact you if suddenly your passport or other lost document.
Write ads in the area where you work or live. Promise a reward for the return. Here you must also specify the phone number or address. Also contact police by writing down the statement about the loss of documents.
Give ads in local Newspapers. Now most Newspapers and among the sections of the ads "Buy", "Sell", "Looking for work" there is a column "Finds and losses". Can go to the editors of one such newspaper, and can advertise by phone.
Go on the Internet. There are a large number of specialized sites where you can announce the discovery or loss of documents (for example, If you have not found the lost documents, restore them, appealing to the same authority, where they handed them over.

Advice 3: How to return the owner of lost passport

Every day across Russia, something is lost. Among the finds there are also documents, namely a passport. The importance of this document cannot be underestimated, and should return, but how to do it?
How to return the owner of lost passport
Very often, people in the cover of the passport made and other documents or money. The loss is always unpleasant, and creates a lot of problems to rebuild, not to mention the loss of time.

Standard methods of return of passport

The most reliable way to return the lost passport to the owner – see the address of the residence and to try to bring a document from it. Of course, it so happens that the person is registered not in the place where they live, but it is not so common. In the end, you will probably be able to tell you where to find the right person.

If this search has not given results, you can try to turn on the TV. In special cases it is still possible to hear the announcement of important findings in the broadcast news. The law should include a passport at the nearest police station, which will have to write a statement about the discovery and describe the circumstances. Law enforcement officers themselves will take over the search.

How to find the owner of the lost passport

Social networks have long been used as a media. Everyone can advertise with the right content on your page. Vividly describing the story of the finds and the importance of finding the owner of the document, you can ask people to spread the recording. Very often they are not only documents, but also even people.

To name the person, you can try to search in the Internet. Certainly there are people with these names in social networks. Narrowing the search range to their city, region or city of residence, you have all chances to find a man.

If in the passport the residence permit from another region, it is possible to ask to advertise any socially active resident of another city. If the city is not very big, there are certainly acquaintances among the read record.

Upon detection of a passport in a public place such as subway or railway station, you can try to take it to the head who will decide what to do with the document.

To carry out all actions for return of the passport is important because a person may be in a difficult situation, having no document confirming the rights of the citizen.

Of course, he first should go to the passport office to write a statement about the loss, pay the fine and fee for the production of a new document. But it often happens that the loss did not even notice, still any time the person is trying to find his home, etc.
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