Please contact the management company or building society in your home. You can ask about what district is your home in both verbal and written form through a statement. The second form may be preferable in cases where the Charter of the organization provides for the disclosure of information to the citizens only by providing the reasons for the information. The statement will indicate the please indicate what district is your apartment house, for example, in connection with obtaining the exact address to send a letter, etc. Usually the term of consideration of such statements does not exceed 1-2 days.
Find out where is the nearest to you regional administration. As a rule, in its name provided the necessary information, for example, "the administration of the Central district." Call the Agency or visit in office hours. Usually representatives of the administration without delay report in which the district is a part of a particular residential house. Also if you know your postcode you can visit the appropriate post office and ask the staff to help you compile your detailed address, for example, to send an email or subscribe to various publications.
Enter the address of your home in one of the Internet search engines such as Google. So, you can find websites that provide detailed information about its location. Pay attention to official city resources – district administrations, the city administration, Duma, the Federal migration service, etc., because they contain the most accurate and reliable information.
Use the electronic directory 2GIS through the official website of the service or the app for your computer or phone. Download the map of your city. Reduce the map scale to minimum. Then you will see the boundaries of areas and will be able to determine which of them is your home.