You will need
  • phone branch police Department;
  • website of the Department of internal Affairs;
  • - telephone directory.
To know the number of the precinct on the phone, on the website of the Department of internal Affairs, in the Department of internal Affairs.
To know the number of the precinct on the phone, please call the city help Desk and ask for room Department of internal Affairs. There you have to give the phone number and address of the reference point of the precinct, as well as his name. More information about the district , see the district Department of internal Affairs.
In the age of computer technologies is a sin not to use the latest achievements of civilization. Each region has a website of the local Department of internal Affairs. View the website structure, usually the contacts of the precinct are under the heading "municipal and district bodies of internal Affairs". Typically, each police Department has its own page with the list of active-duty units and list of officers in charge of this site.
If you want to contact your district, remember – he is not obliged to reside in the reference section. After all, he still needs to inspect the site, conduct outreach, to detect. It would therefore be appropriate to pre-learn where and at what time the district gather for the briefing. Normally, briefing is at eight in the morning in the district office of internal Affairs. Personally acquainted with the district, ask him the number of the mobile phone to be able to directly from him.
The number of the precinct in small towns (villages) to learn the local administration (village Council), there are phone numbers of various departments on all occasions. Also, use the so-called "word of mouth". Your neighbors, long time residents in this area are likely to know the identity and contact details of your divisional inspector (or, as it is called now, the district Commissioner of police).