Start your search colleagues using social networks. Some of these sites search military friends facilitated by the presence of a special section "military service" where everyone indicate branch of service, the part number and years of service. This way you will be able to find those who are registered users of the social networking service will be held in one place at one time.
Can also enter the name and city of your colleagues in the search line, which also exists in most social networks. If you know of additional data, we can more accurately sort people into the search. Thus, to find friends in the army have a smaller number of people.
Call on the radio. For quite a while there are a variety of broadcast, the target audience which are those who serve in the army and those who are already in it served. For broadcast Studio call those who are looking for their colleagues. Call the number of your military unit and years of service, and then leave your phone number for feedback. It remains only to wait for your army friends, you learned in the broadcast, contact your former colleague. Can do regularly listen to such radio broadcasts, so as not to miss any of your comrades, who, unable to find you.There are TV shows like this, designed for former and current soldiers. If you set out to find army friends, viewing such television programs will be good for you.
Looking for military friends at special sites. There are online resources that is aimed at finding colleagues. Below to find someone on such sites, you first need to complete the registration process where you enter your data on the service. Next can search. In addition, you can expect that you will find colleagues before.