Despite the fact that things of Chinese production is considered to be not the highest quality, China is doing quite a lot convenient and powerful scooters (primarily for internal trade, as half of the country moves on scooters and motorbikes). Virtually all Chinese models are made by Japanese standards and technically are copies of Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki.

Budget scooters

One of the most famous manufacturers of scooters is Stels. Specializiruetsya on scooters up to 50 CC, cost up to 30-35 thousand rubles (1000$) for a new two-wheeled friend. The most common and reliable model number can be called Vortex 50.

Scooter double, holds up to 165 lbs. Stated the maximum speed to 90 km/h, but most comfortable in movement – 40-50 km/h In appearance is quite nice, looks analogous to the classic "Honda Click 125", but less powerful. Engine two-stroke, transmission – automatic. Overall, a very safer option.

Urban models

Urban scooters in retro-style, non-Asian substitute Italian Vespa's are made in Taiwan factory Sanyang Industry Co. The most popular model is the Sym Orbit 50 is designed to drive on urban roads (rough terrain, the driver and passenger will be very uncomfortable).

"SIM" is quite a roomy trunk, unobtrusive and very cute design, there is a place for the passenger. Top speed is 65 km/h, but this scooter great gas tank (5.2 litres) and a comfortable seat. Perfect for the big city, having, unlike other Chinese models two-year warranty from the manufacturer.


Interesting option, however, requires obtaining rights And can be called Chinese Maxi-scooters. From the ordinary scooters, they are large in size, engine capacity and, consequently, speed. To the classic models of this series can be attributed to Sym GTS 250 Sym GTS 300i.

If talking about the original models, the prototype, in all probability, was the Honda PCX 125 or PCX 150, however <url> Sym differ in design and optics system. These scooters are ideal for lovers of walks in the city or those who work in a large city, and lives in the near suburbs. For all its fairly large size, they are easy maneuvering in traffic and can be parked in any place, not disturbing other road users.