You will need
  • - screwdrivers;
  • - the camera;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - cotton gloves.
Carefully read the documents attached to the scooter. In them you will definitely find the exact model and modification of the two-wheeled vehicles.
If you do not have documents on a scooter, you can try to identify the model by appearance and plastic tail. Go to the official website of the manufacturer. There you will see photos and specifications of the entire range of scooters. By comparison find your scooter.
There are quite a number of scooters have a similar appearance, but different filling. I.e. different manufacturers and models are identical to the housing. In this case, define the exact model according to the marking on individual parts.
Remove from the scooter saddle, under it look for a sign of yellow or white. It indicates the model with the modification, as well as the manufacturer and specifications. If the plate is contaminated and should be cleaned with a semi-rigid brush and a cleaning solution. Be very careful not to strip the paint, which caused the data on the nameplate.
Some manufacturers write the abbreviation of the model on the dashboard. Also, the model can be calculated by the tidy, since different models of boards differ in such parameters as color, maximum marking speed dial, the arrangement of the scales relative to each other.
Remove the gear cover, which is located near the rear wheel under the air filter. To do this, Unscrew all the bolts that secure the cover to the housing. Under it you will find the marking embossed on metal, which means the number of the piston system. The first four characters are the model of scooter.
Locate the frame number of your scooter. Usually it is located under the plastic tail, which must be carefully removed by removing all screws and disconnecting the fasteners. The first four characters, duplicate the model name of your scooter.
If by yourself identify your scooter does not work, take a few photos of the machine in different angles and place them on a special forum dedicated to two-wheeled vehicles. Experienced forum users will be able to help you figure out the model.
Contact a special organization, which would examine and give you a conclusion. It specifies your model, labelling each node of your scooter.