Before buying double scooter you need to decide on the budget. In recent years, this technique began to produce not only well-known brand (Yamaha or Honda), but more young. It therefore became possible to buy double scooters cost only 40 to 80 thousand rubles, while the technique from the "Yamaha" is about 150.

Selection criteria

Price is not the only criterion by which you should choose double scooter. In addition to the cost is paid to the design of the scooter engine power, and availability of repair. For example, if you buy double scooter from the Peugeot company, then you can splurge on buying new parts, and living in small towns, you will have to order parts for the vehicle by mail.

In terms of design, the modern double scooter buyers also have a choice. Today, the market of motorcycles can be found classic, and sporty two-wheeled scooters, each of which look quite fashionable.

Almost all double scooter with a speed of no more than 70-80 km/h. If you want to buy a scooter from private owners, it is not necessary to believe that the technique is "quietly gaining up to 100-130 km/h." Even if the owner of the scooter decided to fork out and put a powerful engine, wear this power unit will be much faster.

The main thing-the details

During the inspection of your future double scooter, pay attention to the quality of the materials. The upholstery must not have strong fading (even if the scooter is used), and plastics should not bend when you press on it. All parts of the engine, "stars" and the chain should be free of rust and other damage. Of course, it is better to buy a new double scooter, as you will then be confident that the numbers on the engine is not broken, plastic is new, and the mileage matches the indicators on the speedometer.

Make sure before buying is to sit on the scooter, start it, take a ride on a small platform (if you have a license and knowledge of driving), as real feeling can not be compared with the arguments and description of the technical characteristics. Also worth a try to go on a double scooter with a passenger, just to understand the dimensions of the equipment, its weight and the load. Management of double scooter by and large the same as for the classic single. The only thing – difficult to quickly get used to the size and weight of equipment (weight is comparable to moleculator motorcycle).