Advice 1: How to choose a double scooter

Many companies that manufacture scooters, began to produce double the technique for the convenience of buyers. On a conventional single passenger scooter constantly have to draw your legs in, pushing and otherwise disturbing the driver. On a double scooter, this problem is solved completely.

How to choose a double scooter
Before buying double scooter you need to decide on the budget. In recent years, this technique began to produce not only well-known brand (Yamaha or Honda), but more young. It therefore became possible to buy double scooters cost only 40 to 80 thousand rubles, while the technique from the "Yamaha" is about 150.

Selection criteria

Price is not the only criterion by which you should choose double scooter. In addition to the cost is paid to the design of the scooter engine power, and availability of repair. For example, if you buy double scooter from the Peugeot company, then you can splurge on buying new parts, and living in small towns, you will have to order parts for the vehicle by mail.

In terms of design, the modern double scooter buyers also have a choice. Today, the market of motorcycles can be found classic, and sporty two-wheeled scooters, each of which look quite fashionable.

Almost all double scooter with a speed of no more than 70-80 km/h. If you want to buy a scooter from private owners, it is not necessary to believe that the technique is "quietly gaining up to 100-130 km/h." Even if the owner of the scooter decided to fork out and put a powerful engine, wear this power unit will be much faster.

The main thing-the details

During the inspection of your future double scooter, pay attention to the quality of the materials. The upholstery must not have strong fading (even if the scooter is used), and plastics should not bend when you press on it. All parts of the engine, "stars" and the chain should be free of rust and other damage. Of course, it is better to buy a new double scooter, as you will then be confident that the numbers on the engine is not broken, plastic is new, and the mileage matches the indicators on the speedometer.

Make sure before buying is to sit on the scooter, start it, take a ride on a small platform (if you have a license and knowledge of driving), as real feeling can not be compared with the arguments and description of the technical characteristics. Also worth a try to go on a double scooter with a passenger, just to understand the dimensions of the equipment, its weight and the load. Management of double scooter by and large the same as for the classic single. The only thing – difficult to quickly get used to the size and weight of equipment (weight is comparable to moleculator motorcycle).

Advice 2: How to choose a scooter?

Scooter great for getting around the city. This vehicle can quickly get in the right place, avoiding the traffic jams. In addition, the scooter combines a reasonable price the price of the equipment, components, and repair. In addition to this trip it will be more economical for your wallet than in the car. So, how to choose a scooter to buy a reliable device for long term.
How to choose a scooter?

What to take into consideration when choosing a scooter

Today's market of scooters literally full of different models, but to choose a good machine is not so simple. You should consider the vehicle's capabilities that are appropriate specifically for you: the age and sex of driver, road, body composition. In addition, you need to find a scooter under that route, which you will ride most often. Everything else, it is important the availability of seats and the price of the scooter.

The engine and transmission scooter

Choose powerful technique, not less than 7 horsepower. Then your fuel consumption will be about 3 liters per 100 km "Engine" of such power practical and convenient for trips around town. However, you should not skimp on the engine. Preferably, it was a Japanese or European production.

Choose the volume of engine not less than 50 cubic centimeters. Such options will not be difficult to find in Western European and Japanese technology. It is with this mark you will need a driver's license. Even if you have learned to ride the scooter, you will need to confirm and place your skill in the SAI.
Do not choose a scooter with an engine capacity of less than fifty cubic centimetres, because you will be uncomfortable to use it in the city (not enough power).

Transmission scooter should last you a long time as it is considered one of the most quality components. In that case, if "fly" belt, you will be able to replace yourself, but the transmission oil will need to changed 1 time per year, no matter how expensive camera you purchased.

Electrical scooter

Electrical equipment is an important part of the scooter. It includes:
- battery;
- relay of the generator;
- spark plugs;
- beep etc.
Very good electronics are Japanese scooters. In the apparatus of Japanese production, you only need to change the spark plugs.

You need to choose a scooter where the above parameters is not only the engine but also high-quality, reliable equipment. When operating your vehicle, these devices should not let you down. You need to be prepared for the fact that the battery is able to last for more than 3 years.

Front fork scooter

Also you will need to choose the front fork. In the market of scooters are 3 types:
- the ground;
- the pendulum;
- telescopic.

Although all 3 types of front forks will serve you for a long time, the most modern is telescopic. But if you prefer to drive mostly on rough terrain, the best option would be a pendulum fork.

Scooter for travel around town or long distances

If you need a vehicle for trips around town, you need to choose the model with the best maneuverability and speed of acceleration. The volume of the tank must be at least 6 l Front fork needs to be telescopic, of the brake - disk. Excellent choice for driving in the city considered the Yamaha, as well as Dio from Honda.

If you want to buy scooter for travel to the country, it is better to choose a pendulum front fork. It absorbs well driving on uneven roads and potholes. Note location of air filter: bottom intake is more suitable for the city. When driving on rough terrain will need frequent air filter replacement.

Choice seats

If you have already begun the search for a scooter, you probably noticed that the market for 2-seater vehicles represented. The fact that the scooter is designed for one person, more safe and economical. However, some models (Honda's Lead, Suzuki Address) can be attributed to one and a half. You can place behind yourself not too large the passenger.

Popular models of scooters

Most popular scooter from the Japanese manufacturer Yamaha. Good engines marked the model Yamaha Jog, robust body and a durable frame Honda. More sporty models include the Suzuki scooter. Peugeot, Aprilia, Binelli, Vespa - tech European production, its cost is much higher. In any case, the only choice for you. Can only regret to bought the scooter will last you for years.

Advice 3: How much is a scooter

Lately scooters have become popular among different segments of the population. Today on the roads of any city can be seen behind the wheel of a scooter adolescents and adult men and women.
How much is a scooter
Easy to operate and low price – these are the two main advantages of budget scooters. If on the other two-wheeled transport today will need to have rights, as well as driving skills, with scooter can handle even a teenager.

Classification of scooters and their cost

Conventionally, scooters it is possible to divide the design into several types: classic, sport and retro. Sport scooters are very different from their classical counterparts – they are more like a small but powerful bikes. The cost of the first types of scooters usually rarely exceeds 80 thousand rubles.

Retro scooters in the modern Russian market are very rare – such a technique can only order at a high price from abroad. Usually retro scooters are completely redone, but with a preserved appearance of the scooters of the last century. Sometimes the owners of the collector's two-wheeled vehicles, make small repairs without making serious design changes. The cost of these models is on average 150-500 thousand.

The price of individual models of scooters from reputable companies

Analyzing the global market for two-wheel vehicles it can be concluded that the most expensive are scooters of Japanese and European firms, and the most cheap – Chinese, and Korean vehicles. The most popular and best-selling Japanese scooters is the technique of Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki.

The average cost of these scooters is 20-100 thousand roubles depending on model and year. If you liked the so-called Maxi-scooters, you have to pay for them more than 120 thousand (this is especially true of equipment made by Suzuki, which has achieved impressive results in this niche of the transport market).

One of the most famous European firms, which are engaged in the development and sales of scooters are Italian Benelli, Aprilia, Vespa, Derbi and others. Of course, scooters from these companies are quite expensive – from 60 to 130 thousand rubles (more expensive more powerful models of scooters).

Cheap Asian scooters (Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese) can now be found on every corner. Despite the use of not too high quality material for plastic parts, these scooters are low cost and interesting design. Scooters Omacks, Irbis, Stels, Hyosung and some others are on sale practically in each shop of motorcycles.

Advice 4: How to make a scooter

Scooter – type lightweight motorcycle, whose engine is located under the rear seat. This is a fairly common model of vehicle, especially in adolescents and young adults.
How to make a scooter
Select the model of the scooter. They vary by engine size: up to 50 cubic cm, with a maximum speed of 60 km/h is a low-powered type of scooter. If you don't want to bother with registering the vehicle and obtaining the rights is an option for you. But it's also the most dangerous vehicle, especially on a busy highway. If you decide to choose this type of scooter, feel free to skip the remaining steps in the paperwork for the scooter, as they you will not be affected.- over 50 cubic cm and a maximum speed over 60 km/h.
Making documents, eliminate the possibility of fraud. In the case of a scooter, and any vehicle removed from the register (in the transit room), there is scope for fraud. The cases of fraud, when the vehicle simultaneously is pledged to the Bank and sold by scammers. Also watch power of attorney – it must be only the General, with the right to sell and receive money, certified by a notary. The best option is ask the seller to go with you to the traffic police for registration of all documents.
Will draw up a contract of sale of the vehicle. Now acceptable as handwritten copy, and design in specialized law firms.
Write the statement for statement on the account (if in transit) or registration with a conservation license plates (if the vehicle is not removed from the account).
Visit your scooter in traffic. Check to see if you were ready (the contract of sale, title, application, and insurance) and submit all these documents in a window on registration of motor vehicles and trailers – this often is each of the traffic police.
As you can see, the scheme of clearance of the scooter is quite easy and differs little from the other vehicle. The only difference is that when the cubic capacity scooters up to 50 cm3 special processing is not required.
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