Specify the serial number of the scooter. It is indicated in the front part of the PTS in the line "Identification number (VIN). This number (VIN) must consist of 17 characters ( Arabic numerals or letters), which are roughly divided into three parts: the index part, a descriptive part and a global index manufacturer.
The first three characters of the number (VIN) and are the world manufacturer index (WMI), it can be both letters and numbers in combination with letters. World index of the manufacturer defines the geographical area code of the manufacturer of the scooter and the code of the state. The descriptive part of the VIN (VDS) must have six characters and identify the vehicle model according to specific documentation of manufacturer. The index part of the VIN (VIS) must contain eight characters. The first four are numbers and letters, the other four digits only. Index part VIN - the index should contain information about the index number of the vehicle and the year of issue, which gets a scooter at the exit of the Assembly line.
The first characters of the index part of the ID number represent the year of issue of this vehicle (scooter): the eighth character from the end or the tenth from the beginning. Example: VIN: WVWZZZ1KZBW321177. To decrypt the specified symbol in the table (Annex №2 to "to Position about passports of vehicles and chassis of vehicles" at:;base=LAW;n=112220). In the example WVWZZZ1KZBW321177 symbol "In" denotes 2011 release.
It should be noted that many manufacturers of transport neglect generally accepted standards of attribution VIN number. For example, U.S. manufacturers and the largest FORD year release transportation represent the eleventh character in the VIN number.