You will need
  • Computer with Internet access
Place the ads. The more people know about what you sell your scooter, the more you will have of potential buyers. Based on this, you need to place as many ads about selling your scooter in a variety of sources. Use electronic auctions and popular message boards. Don't forget to register on several popular forums of fans of scooters and post your ad there's a section of sale. In addition to electronic media, do not forget about traditional. Try placing your ad in several free periodicals - this will significantly increase the size of the audience and will give you potential buyers. Don't be lazy! From how responsibly you approach this step depends on the success of the event.
Hold a meeting with a potential buyer. Your ads began to receive phone calls? It's time to think about where will be conducted the inspection of your scooter. This is best done on neutral territory: some quiet residential courtyard is fine. Avoid show your scooter where you keep it, unless it is a guarded garage cooperative - among the possible buyers may well be criminals, the purpose of which is not fair buy and banal larceny.
Also we would recommend not to come to such a meeting alone, better call a friend - so all will be calmer. If the demand for your scooter is great, try to give potential buyers one day, during which and conduct all meetings. Do not assign them all at one time, because people may not like it.
You make the investment. When you have agreed with a potential buyer about the transaction, you will only document it, to avoid problems in the future. You can enter into a contract of sale in writing or contact the Commission store, where your transaction will help to make professionally. In the end the buyer will get a scooter, my copy of the contract of purchase and sale and documents of the vehicle, and you contract and money.