Start with the engine. The heart of any moving structure is an engine and it is more powerful and more reliable, the faster will be the scooter. Borrow the engine from the motorcycle. They are similar in design and fit you weight. Of course, we are not talking about the big liter monsters, and about 125 and 250 CC depending on the size of your scooter.
Adjust the body of the scooter. Very often owners of Japanese higher quality scooters regret not bought only for the reason that cheaper models often look better. As the motorcycle plastic scooter can be custom made or buy ready-made option. Visit the online store specializes in your model of scooter or try a search in the city garages. In any case, you will be able to find the option that suits you covering a scooter.
Do airbrushing. Your scooter was reborn, and it is time about it to loudly say. Refer to the workshop by drawing or buy a set of stickers. It is better to choose the first option. You can together with the master to come up with original design that will not be stereotyped and will set you apart from the crowd.