When choosing a scooter you need to consider who is going to ride on it: man, woman, or teenager. Do you plan to operate a vehicle only on the roads of the metropolis, or to go to the cottage and fishing? Of paramount importance is the amount that will be spent on the purchase.

The engine and fork

First and foremost, when choosing a scooter you need to pay attention to these parameters. Scooter with a powerful engine is about 7 horsepower still wouldn't consume more than 3 l of gasoline per 100 km and the speed in the city will pleasantly surprise you. Powerful scooter more maneuverable, which is also an important indicator in urban areas. The most popular vehicle with medium engine capacity of 125 cubic meters. The car of economy class with an engine of 25 cubes is not the best show on the road.

If the scooter is chosen to give, you need to pay attention to the front fork and the location of the air filter. If the intake air filter is too low, the dusty country roads it will have to be changed frequently. Front fork of such a vehicle should be lever – pendulum – which will allow smoothly and gently to overcome bumps in the road. Telescopic will be felt every stone. If you plan to operate the machine both in the city and on the road, and the issue price is not worth it, you should choose the option with heavy duty telescopic fork.


For travel to the country the best option is a scooter Honda Lead Honda Tact. These machines are reliable, picky and are ideal for beginners and for people of the older generation. For city fit model with a telescopic front fork and disc brake, such as the Honda Dio.

Not less popular models of Yamaha. The latter mostly specially created for the city, have sports-oriented and youthful design. Such scooters are a good dynamics of acceleration and maximum speed can exceed 60 km/h. The only negative is that compared to Honda, Yamaha more demanding to the quality of petrol and bad start at low temperatures.

As for roominess, I must say that the Japanese do not fully double scooters, but you can choose a single model, which is quite convenient to stay together, for example Lead Honda or Suzuki Address. The latter models are very large seat. By the way, Japanese scooters and better as electricians and problems with the selection of parts does not arise.