Pay attention to the country of origin. Avoid mopeds Russian and Chinese origin. Even the most Patriotic person should understand that the moped in the first place - the vehicle and therefore the road carries a certain risk for life. The chance that at full speed and jam the chain wheel, the engine fails or brakes, the Russian and Chinese models much more than Japanese or German. Chinese scooter show itself quite well in terms of reliability, but replacement items quickly become useless - the price of the machine lies in the frequent replacement of various parts of the moped.
Ask the year of manufacture of a moped, if you take it with. Even the most reliable mopeds the most famous brands "age" as anything else. If you still take the scooter, released in the last century, then check the engine, frame (no cracks, rust, etc.) and electronics.
Check the engine size on the documents to the moped. If its volume over fifty cubic meters, ready to pass to obtain a driving license of category A. If the document is not the owner, think, and whether it generally take?
When you purchase a moped in the cabin, find the address of service centers that provide repair and parts for your model. Do not take a "white Raven", which nobody knows or seen. Want it or not, sooner or later, like any technology, the bike will require repair.
How to choose a moped