Advice 1: Choose a moped: Alpha or Delta?

The scooter "the alpha" and "Delta" from the Chinese manufacturer Chongqing Wonjan have virtually identical device. However, each of them designed for specific purposes, and therefore the choice of the two models should be on the basis of actual conditions in which the scooter will be operated.
The choice of scooter from Chinese manufacturer

Characteristics of moped Alpha

The scooter has a single cylinder four stroke power unit with a working volume of 72 cubic centimeters. Box on four shows running on the ring shift pattern with lock-in transition from the fourth speed to the first. A moped has a maximum capacity of 5 horsepower at the permissible speed of 75 km/h Dry weight of the moped is 81 kg. On the front and rear wheel have drum brakes and hydraulic shock absorbers. When the fuel tank 4 litres power reserve alpha without refueling is about 250 kilometers. Moped single, maximum load capacity - 120 kg.

In the sales package of moped has a small coffer, which is mounted on the metal trunk. More places to placement of cargo is not available. Even with 17-inch wheels, the alpha is quite low ground clearance, which it not always copes well with bumps. For this weight the engine is quite powerful, lifting on a slope of 15-20 degrees is carried out without much difficulty. The starting mileage of running - 3 thousand kilometers. Of the main problem sites can be identified and piston system, in which after a few hundred kilometers appears extraneous noise. Also there are bugs in the electrics and the ignition system, there is no fuel sensor. By and large, the quality of the scooter can vary greatly, depending on how the were assembled.

Characteristics of moped Delta

Four-stroke engine of the Delta has one cylinder, power unit is 3 HP transmission four-speed, same as alpha. The moped weighs 90 kilograms, with a smaller engine capacity gives a negative tractive power and increase petrol consumption to two litres per 100 km Brakes: drum, front telescopic fork, rear suspension moped pendulum. Ground clearance is 11 inches. Delta has reinforced mounts for placing the load on the frame, the rear seat can be removed for use of the trunk.

Increased fuel consumption, partially compensated by a bulk tank of 4.5 liters. The load capacity of the scooter is 100 kg, has two seats. Because of the small power motor Delta worse cope with the load, although the speed characteristics on a level road it does not suffer. The wheels of the moped have a diameter of 17 inches, but the engine is quite high, which increases the permeability of the moped. Since the device of the engine and transmission have scooter identical to, the problems they have are the same. In the wiring diagram are also present vulnerabilities.

Compare mopeds

Mopeds alpha and Delta are available with different amount of the power unit, so the lack of power can be compensated. The design of the main nodes have the same scooter, same can be said about the basis of spare parts. The choice should be made taking into account the purpose of exploitation. For movement in the urban cycle is perfect alpha, he is more dynamic when riding and are not designed to travel on the road. Delta is suitable for use in the economic purposes. It is possible to accommodate a large number of discarded goods, and the high waist will easily move around the potholes on the dirt road.

Advice 2: How to choose a moped

If you need an inexpensive and easy means of transport, or you are preparing to ride a motorcycle, but you have no experience, buying a moped is the best option. It's fast, easy to manage and, importantly, inexpensive. However, a large number of different models available on the market, puts the buyer in a dead end.
How to choose a moped
Pay attention to the country of origin. Avoid mopeds Russian and Chinese origin. Even the most Patriotic person should understand that the moped in the first place - the vehicle and therefore the road carries a certain risk for life. The chance that at full speed and jam the chain wheel, the engine fails or brakes, the Russian and Chinese models much more than Japanese or German. Chinese scooter show itself quite well in terms of reliability, but replacement items quickly become useless - the price of the machine lies in the frequent replacement of various parts of the moped.
Ask the year of manufacture of a moped, if you take it with. Even the most reliable mopeds the most famous brands "age" as anything else. If you still take the scooter, released in the last century, then check the engine, frame (no cracks, rust, etc.) and electronics.
Check the engine size on the documents to the moped. If its volume over fifty cubic meters, ready to pass to obtain a driving license of category A. If the document is not the owner, think, and whether it generally take?
When you purchase a moped in the cabin, find the address of service centers that provide repair and parts for your model. Do not take a "white Raven", which nobody knows or seen. Want it or not, sooner or later, like any technology, the bike will require repair.
How to choose a moped

Advice 3: How to remove Delta Search

Delta Search is a virus-like search engine that deception is embedded in the computers of gullible users and substitute all your favorite Google, Yandex and even sassy Search Remove Delta Search it is possible, though difficult. This task will require a lot of time and patience.
How to remove Delta Search

Delta Search masquerades as a Google's start page, however, the results of its searches are very different from the issuance of this giant. The developers of the program use it for promotion of the advertised sites and collect information about the preferences of the owners of the computer. Infection occurs when you install any free app: not enough to notice the checkbox next to "Install Delta Toolbar" and click OK. It installs Delta Toolbar start page in any browser, Delta Search. Therefore, in order to remove Delta Search, you need to delete Delta Toolbar.

If you use the Mozilla Firefox browser menu "Tools" go to "Additions" and "Extensions". Disable the Babylon program associated with Delta Toolbar. Then type in the address bar about:config and in the search box type Delta. The system displays a long list of files where infiltrated by a virus. Click each name with the right mouse button and select "Reset" from the context menu. After that clear the browsing history, cache and cookies of the browser: "Magazine", then "Clear recent history".

To restore your Google Chrome, click settings and control in the upper right corner. Under "Tools" click "Extensions" and find the Babylon and Delta Toolbar. Select them in turn and click on trash icon. In the "Settings" section, click "History" and "Clear history".

In Interner Explore go to "Tools" main menu, " then "add-ins". In the list look for Delta Toolbar and Babylon and click "Disable". Under "Internet options" click "Delete" in "browsing History". All browsers re-set the desired start page.

In the "control Panel" under "add or remove programs, remove the program Delta Toolbar and Babylon. After removal, press Win+R and type in the search string "Delta". Delete all the files that have in their names the Delta.

Delete all temporary files. To do this, type in the search bar (start and Run) the command %TEMP%. Ctrl+A to select all files in the folder and click Delete. Empty the recycle Bin on the Desktop.

Now we need to remove from the register all records related to Delta Toolbar. In the search box type regedit and click OK. Ctrl+F call the command "Find" and enter Babylon. Delete the entire section. Then start a search for all records that contain the Delta, and remove them. To continue searching press F3.

Advice 4: How to choose a 50 CC moped

Lately become very popular to use varieties of two wheelers such as mopeds, scooters and motorcycles. In a big city that would be a relief and will help to save time.
How to choose a 50 CC moped
At the moment in the Russian market you can find a large number of motorcycles of different capacities. For example, in various 50-boiler scooters, mopeds and scooters there is a big demand. This technique of buying adults and even teenagers. The big advantage of the 50 CC scooter is a high maneuverability, low fuel consumption and ease of operation. In connection with the popularity of mopeds and scooters people are beginning to wonder – how do you choose a 50 CC moped?

Price category

First, future owners of mopeds choose equipment at cost. On the Russian market of motor vehicles there is a large variation of prices on mopeds and scooters. For example, you can purchase a 50 CC moped within 25 000 rubles, and can spend all 85 000 rubles. That is why you need to choose a vehicle based on your budget. The average cost of moped and scooter – 30-50 thousand rubles. Agree, not so much for equipment that will last you a long time and save you from the congestion and perpetual traffic jams in the city.

Contrary to popular belief among the low 50-CC mopeds also found a decent technique. That is, the cost of a moped is not the primary indicator of its quality.

What manufacturer is better

In recent years, the market of motorcycles, a large number of budget mopeds and scooters. For example, most of the goods stores selling scooter is the equipment of such manufacturers as Omaks, Stels, Yamaha, Honda, etc. each company has its good and bad models, so don't get hung up on the name of the manufacturer. You can buy a moped Stels that will last you 5-7 years, and can purchase equipment from Yamaha, which requires serious investments and repairs in a month after purchase.

The appearance of a moped

If you think that a moped or a scooter – it's a stylized "stool on wheels", you are wrong. Manufacturers began to pay great attention to appearance of equipment. Lovers of sport bikes will appeal to a moped Yamasaki Scorpion that fit into 50 cubic meters (a characteristic feature of scooters and mopeds), thus imitating the appearance of most sport motorcycles. If you prefer road motorcycle equipment, you can find the standard moped with a characteristic body, a classic fit and at a reasonable price. The choice is yours!

Advice 5: At what prices sold mopeds

Scooters and mopeds – one of the most popular summer modes of transport for young people. The cost of this technique depends on the power, engine capacity, size and manufacturer.
At what prices sold mopeds
Scooters, mopeds and motorcycles – the most popular summer form of transport in the city. Mopeds and scooters are economical, take up little space in Parking lots, dynamic and not get stuck in traffic and are much cheaper than cars.

A budget of up to 25,000 rubles

Cheap scooters and mopeds cost 20-25 thousand rubles represent the plastic design, can reach speeds of up to 60-70 km/h transmission can be both automatic (many Chinese manufacturers) and mechanical (mopeds of the Russian production of "Desna", the Chinese Orion, Gryphon). The volume of the engine up to 50 CC, at the moment are you can drive without a driver's license.

The budget from 25,000 to 40,000 rubles

Cost 25-40 thousand rubles go scooters with similar characteristics, but higher quality, made in Japan or Europe. The engine size is similar, the transmission is usually automatic. Appearance is much more modern and stylish. The maximum weight that can withstand these mopeds and scooters up to 150 kg. To the brand within this price category include scooters and mopeds STELS Russian production IRBIS.

Budget from 40,000 to 60,000 rubles

Price category 40-60 thousand rubles includes a cargo scooter (with a separate trailer or three-wheeled) manufactured in the Russian Federation, such as the ORION Delta 200 or gums 200," mopeds with an engine capacity of 50 CC scooters or expensive European or Taiwan manufacture. These scooters are made in an interesting beautiful design, large wheel, easy to drive on uneven roads. They have a roomy trunk, it is possible to install a box and additional mounts for Navigator, baggage or water. The volume of a standard gas tank, transmission is automatic. The classic model of this kind Sym Orbit 50, all models of Benelli, Honda Click 125.

The budget of 60,000 rubles

Within the price category of above 60 thousand rubles include Maxi-scooters, as well as the legendary European scooters Vespa or Peugeot. Maxi-scooters, the required license category A.

Choosing your motor better be based on the desired purpose of use of a vehicle and its technical characteristics, not on its value as the budget models are often suitable only for driving in urban conditions: good pavement and at speeds no higher 45-40 km/h. If you intend to drive with a passenger, you must consider your total weight and whether the bike to withstand.

In addition, do not forget that in addition to the cost of the transportation required will be the purchase of equipment (at least a good helmet).

Advice 6: Moped or scooter - what to choose

Scooter and moped are two wheeled vehicles that has gained popularity due to the ease of use, efficiency and mobility. But if you have to choose how to determine which is better — a moped or scooter?
What to choose - scooter or moped

Features of conventional moped

Classic moped looks more like a symbiosis of motorcycle and Bicycle. To turn on the engine, you must first squeeze the grip while rotating foot pedal and gaining speed, release the clutch and then squeeze the gas.

The engine has the classic moped has only one speed, which allows you to develop the movement of up to 50 kilometers per hour. Similar engine size is an advantage of the vehicle, because it does not require registration, insurance, and the owner — driver's license. However, once in some complex conditions, the engine power may not be enough, then have to pedal.

There are more modern models of mopeds without a Bicycle drive and transmission. In the pros, you can add simplicity to road surfaces. As the wheels of the moped have a fairly large radius, it is possible to drive in comfort and on the pavement and roads from soil.

The differences between a moped from a scooter

The main difference between a scooter and moped is the location of the engine. At a moped it is in the middle, between the wheels and is further connected by a chain with a rear wheel. Scooter the motor is right under the seat, above the rear wheel.

The scooter consumes much less fuel than a moped and less polluting. His engine is usually much quieter, but the price can be prohibitive.

Scooter has a chain and pedals, but it has automatic transmission. Its design is very convenient for women, as there is no need to throw a leg over the frame when landing, as in the case of a moped. Affectionately call them "stools" because on a scooter you can sit like on a chair.

Radius wheel scooter is much less than that of a moped, so it is best to only move on the pavement. If the engine capacity not exceeding 50 cubic centimeters, can be made without obtaining the rights. If you have the right category "A", then you can choose a more powerful scooter or motorcycle.


If still in doubt what to choose – scooter or moped, you think, why you need transport. For driving in urban conditions, on smooth asphalt suitable and economical scooter. And in the case of frequent movement over bumps, potholes, dirt and soil need to choose a moped. Perhaps it will not work to save gasoline, but for sure never get stuck.

Advice 7: What is better to buy a moped

Not to be mistaken with a choice of moped should learn the models of which manufacturers are considered the most speedy and reliable. Among cheap Chinese equipment also has a brand worthy of the attention of not only the novice but also professional.
Reliable moped, Honda Tact AF09
As a rule, about which technique is better to buy, think about beginners or Amateurs. For the professional this question is not: he knows exactly what is right for him. On the modern market, so a large number of proposals that the choice of the best model of a moped becomes difficult. So the first thing to do is to narrow your search depending on the amount decided to spend on this technique. The main task – to buy a transport practical and as safe as possible.

What scooter are considered the most reliable?

Traditional models of the Japanese manufacturers, in particular, the company "Honda". In second place for reliability and comfort drive Italian technology. Any moped manufactured in these countries is characterized by high build quality and excellent speed characteristics. In addition, they all have a modern look. Minus the choice of this technique is only one: its price.

If cost is not an issue, is to listen to the advice of professionals and to draw attention to a number of models of Honda. The probability of defects in these vehicles is practically impossible. Even used mopeds to flawlessly serve its owner for many years and decades. The latest models of this manufacturer are equipped with high quality electronics that increases the security of operation of this technology.

What to buy from cheap mopeds?

Here the choice is great, but almost completely monotonous, because regardless of the title of vehicle any of them will be Chinese Assembly. The quality is not always disappointing, but it is rather the exception than the rule. However, this technique can withstand heavy loads and faithfully serve for many years. The only thing it will require considerably more attention than similar Japanese build, and to repair it more often. However, for a caring owner this is not a problem.

In China, producing three brands worthy of attention: "alpha", "Delta" and "Orion". You can safely buy any of them: each model have proven their endurance and durability. Among the cheap mopeds, this technique is considered the highest quality. It has a small fuel consumption, and its speed characteristics will not only be a newbie, but quite experienced lover. If you decide to buy a used moped from any of these brands, it is recommended that before purchasing a good to inspect equipment and test it in action. After that, you can understand it is declared by the owner of the sums or not.
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