You will need
  • tool for removing and disassembling the variator;
  • - puller variator;
  • - new weights-videos
Before configuring the powertrain of the scooter make sure the engine is fully serviceable and correctly adjusted. Disassemble the CVT. This is in itself a difficult task, if you never did. To efficiently analyze the transmission of the scooter and not break the splines of the crankshaft, get a special puller variator. Find weights-rollers inside of a moving part of the pulley. Assess their condition and wear.
If your scooter is not manufactured in Europe, and the Chinese or intended for the domestic market of Japan, be sure to perform the measurements and weigh-in all weights. The owners of European models and Japanese, intended for export, the data on the size and mass of the rollers can be taken from the instruction manual or booklets of tuning companies.
Visit the parts shop for a scooter or tuning shop. According to the booklet any good tuning company pick up their new weights-rollers. Note that the rollers should match the native, and the mass is 0.5-1.5 grams less than regular. The ideal option would be the purchase of three sets of weights: for half a gram, gram and a half grams lighter. This will allow more fine-tune the CVT for your weight and engine.
Be sure to consult with the seller if tuning your rollers the size was not in the booklet. Entirely on his opinion is not necessary to rely, as store employees, too, are not always competent. Therefore it is suggested you samples definitely obmerte and weigh yourself.
Installing new rollers on your variator, you will receive a small but noticeable improvement in dynamics. If you have prudently acquired a few aftermarket sets of rollers, and experiment with the drive on each set. But in any case, do not use too light weights – they will not allow the motor to reach maximum rpm that will adversely affect the maximum speed.
If goal setting CVT – aliasing failures forced engine at low revs, the weights get not easier, but harder standard. If you put heavier loads on the motor with a standard motor, the dynamic is noticeably worse, but the gain in smoothness of acceleration, especially with a heavy load.