Advice 1: What scooters do not need rights

Scooters are becoming more relevant, as there is no doubt that a scooter is the most mobile and cost-effective transport, which can be equally as useful in the city and beyond. Driving this type of transport requires almost no effort, while bringing great pleasure. However, it is worth considering whether the right to such a vehicle, and SDA also has not been canceled.
What scooters do not need rights

Fifty cubic centimeters. Do I need a license

When managing such a vehicle as a scooter, need neither law nor to register the scooter with the traffic police, just in case, if the speed that can develop this form of transport does not exceed 60 kilometers per hour, and the volume of the engine (working) will not be greater than 50 CC. This moped would not apply to the driven vehicle and can only be equated to the bike.

If the performance of the engine, namely, its volume and speed, will exceed the above parameters, the vehicle is no longer considered a moped and, therefore, possession of the scooter will have all of the ensuing consequences, that is:

- registration in traffic police;
- obtaining a permit;
- inspection, which will need to carry out regularly;
- payment of road tax etc.

That's it for this scooter will necessarily need a law, which, by the way, the buyer must notify the salon before making a purchase.

How important are traffic rules and caution when driving a scooter

A large number of owners of scooters believe that if the management of such a vehicle do not need to register, and to comply with traffic rules is not necessary, and you can just go "neat". However, this approach can't be correct in any way, as any member of the movement, whether pedestrian, motorist, cyclist or driver of a scooter must move strictly by the rules. Otherwise it can become a hindrance to other road users, which may lead to the emergency situation on the road. It is because of a possible increase in the number of accidents, today there are a huge number of those people who advocate mandatory to obtain rights to operate any vehicle, and scooter in particular.

This point of view is very understandable to those who already have a big enough driving experience and are familiar with Russian roads. It is for this reason to get right is half the battle, you need to master the technique of driving and to thoroughly examine the rules of the road.

In addition, it is important to remember safety when driving a scooter. The driver is responsible for their own decisions and their behavior on the road. Under the current legislation of the Russian Federation, to operate such vehicle as a scooter, a person at least 16 years old, otherwise the driver will be fined, which will be obliged to pay not the driver, and the one who allowed him to drive.

Advice 2: What are Chinese scooters

China has made huge progress in the combination of technology, quality and prices of scooters. Chinese enterprises have the right to export products only when the production of high quality products. Such enterprises have international certificates and have the right to sell the scooters in the EEC countries.
What are Chinese scooters
Choosing a Chinese scooter, you need to find out which company manufactured it. The manufacturer should not work the first day, to offer the customer a broad range and have an official representative in Russia. Only in this case there is confidence that the disadvantages of a scooter in the process of operation will be timely eliminated and will not be interruption in supply of spare parts.
Chinese manufacturers produce scooters under license by Japanese firms on scooters, engines and transmissions. The majority of Chinese scooters are analogues of good Japanese models. These products are pretty hard to mess up. Owner reviews Chinese scooters are not always entirely negative. Still, the failure rate mainly depends on the attitude of the owner of the scooter than from the manufacturer.
In connection with toughening of control over emissions and noise, in Russia are basically scooters with 4-stroke engine. For this engine, it is easier to obtain a certificate of conformity and the approval of the countries of Europe. 4-stroke engine, the filling process fuel, its compression, ignition, expansion stroke and exhaust emissions occurs over four beats. 4-stroke engine due to the more complex devices the fuel consumption is less than a 2-stroke engine. Modern engines fitted to Chinese scooters provides good traction and steady set speed.
In Russia are scooters from several manufacturers. One of the most popular brands include scooters from the following brands: HP, Honling, Keeway.
Under the Irbis trademark produced a very popular model - rounders. Such scooters are designed for use in city and in country conditions. To this kind belongs a Chinese scooter Irbis FR. Externally this model looks quite simple, with the classic contours of the body and a round muffler. The style of the scooter give 12-inch wheels and the original dashboard. Scooter Irbis FR belongs to medium-sized scooters. Engine 4-stroke, engine size 50 CC Max speed of the scooter at 60 km per hour.
Also for universal scooter include the model produced by the firm Honling. Honling scooter Pharaon 50 refers to a full size double scooter with 12-inch wheels and an enlarged splash shield. The driver of this scooter will be to feel comfortable both on the paved road and on the dirt. Engine 4-stroke, engine displacement is 50 CC top speed up to 60 km per hour.
One of the most popular models of scooters company Keeway - scooter Matrix. This model features excellent driving characteristics and a rich equipment. Scooter Matrix with a 12-inch alloy wheels, disc front brake and alarm system with remote engine start. Engine 4-stroke, engine displacement is 50 CC

Advice 3: What is the spark needed for scooters

An important structural element of the gasoline internal combustion engine provide the spark plug. They are designed to ignite the combustible mixture in the cylinder. It is this process that is the main work of the engine. Without the candles it would have been impossible.
Spark plug

The spark plugs for scooters with two-stroke engine

To use a particular type of candle, deal with the engine model installed on the scooter. Older models had a simplified two-stroke engine. The similarity this had domestic motors. The volume of these engines is very small. Less modern standard of fifty cubic meters.

The cylinder has a motorcycle form, but smaller, commensurate with a chainsaw or trimmer. In this cylinder is screwed the usual spark motorcycle standard diameter. The base of these candles are small, because the two-stroke type of engine uses a mixture of gasoline with a low octane number, for example seventy-six or eighty, and special two-stroke oil peregorela.

It is also possible to use a candle with long base – "the Zhiguli". Just before use, screw on the cap multiple o-rings, about four or five. These candles give the spark more power as it's intended for use on cars.

More new two-stroke model scooters use reduced the candles. They appeared not so long ago, especially for these engines. The candle diameter is much smaller than the standard, the base is pulled out. An important feature of these candles is the fact that it is impossible, as in the previous embodiment, to find an alternative. The size of the thread in the cylinder allows to use only candles and no more.

The positive side of this situation is the inability to make a mistake when choosing candle ignition, negative – low range allows you to upgrade your vehicle. It will be available only after replacing the piston component of the engine. Such scooters refuel with petrol with octane above eighty. Observe the proportions to add oil to the gasoline, otherwise the candle will be the soot deposited.

The spark plugs for scooters with four-stroke engine

On four-stroke engines choose a candle similar to the previous one, only with a bigger cap. The use of this scooter there is no need to fill it with a combustible mixture. It runs on pure gasoline. The o-ring on a candle should only be one.

The same spark plug is used not only on scooters, but some small-displacement Japanese motorcycles. Engine size they average from one hundred twenty five to two hundred cubic meters. The efficiency of such candles is higher, but the lifetime is much shorter. With regular use vehicle Central electrode of the candle burns for a year and a half.

Advice 4: What documents give the right to drive a scooter

Scooters represent a vehicle with an engine capacity of up to fifty cubic centimetres. On the Russian internal classification they belong to mopeds, to control which it is necessary to get the right category "M".
What documents give the right to drive a scooter
The classification of vehicles and requirements for persons who run them, is given in the law "On road safety". However, the owners of scooters do not find their vehicle in a specified classification that raises numerous questions at the stage of purchase. The main problem is obtaining the right to control the scooter because of this transport to a particular type depends on the category of licence will have to obtain in the prescribed manner. To ride a scooter without a license is prohibited, because even these vehicles at the present time, there is a separate category, which are forced to take the drivers exam.

What category is specified in the driving permit for a scooter?

In accordance with the Russian classification of vehicles scooters are mopeds, since the working volume of the engine does not exceed fifty cubic centimeters. Therefore, to be eligible for driving water scooters should undergo training and get right with the category "M", which was specially introduced in the named Federal law to increase safety on the roads. Note that to obtain a driver's license with this category is open to any person under the age of sixteen and who have fulfilled other statutory requirements for obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills. In some countries, scooters are allowed to operate without any documents, but in Russia such actions are an administrative offence.

What kind of liability would follow for the management of the scooter without papers?

Since the presence of a driver's license category "M" is mandatory for any driver of the scooter in the vehicle when the absence of the appropriate law shall be punished administratively. Special administrative responsibility for the owners of mopeds is not provided, so they are punished on the same basis. So, for driving a scooter without proper documents will have to pay a fine, the amount of which will be from five to fifteen thousand rubles. A more severe punishment will follow if the right to control the vehicle the driver is missing because of his deprivation.

Advice 5: On which side of the road should a cyclist go

Cyclists are equal road users. Since the bike relates directly to vehicles, the bicyclist should be on the right side of the road. However, if the cyclist fled on foot, only taking his Bicycle, he must walk on the left side of the road, as it acts as a pedestrian.
On which side of the road should a cyclist go

The movement of cyclists over 14 years old

The bike is equal to all other vehicles. For this reason, cyclist should obey the relevant rules of the road. From April 2014 dedicated to cyclists as much as 6 points section 24 of the rules of the road.

According to them, the movement of the cyclists whose age is above 14 years are allowed (in descending order): Cycling and Cycling and pedestrian paths or on the existing special lane for cyclists; on the right edge of the carriageway of the road; the road along the pavement.

It is important to note that each item in the above list implies the absence of the previous one. In other words, if the cyclist has the ability to move the Bicycle path, he in no case should not ride on the roadway. But if not, then the right edge of the road – permit a place of movement.

In addition to the above rules there are a few clarifications. On the roadway can move only in that case, if the width of the bike more than 1 meter and if the movement of cyclists is the column.

On the sidewalk or a walking path to move only when the rider is accompanying a child under 7 years of age, who also travels by Bicycle. Or if the cyclist is carrying on the vehicle of the child in the same age range.

If cyclists are moving along the right edge of the roadway, they should go only in one row, one behind the other. Allowed movement in two rows only in the case where the overall width of cyclists is less than 0.75 M.

The traffic of cyclists up to 14 years

The traffic of cyclists, whose ages range from 7 to 14 years, carried on the sidewalks, Cycling, and Cycling and pedestrian tracks and footpaths, but also within the borders of pedestrian areas.

Children and adolescents under 14 years cannot drive on bicycles along the roadway and on the roadside. Since the movement of the cyclists whose age is less than 7 years, is possible only through the pedestrian zones.

In the rules there is another important point concerning the traffic on pedestrian areas and other crowded places. According to the rules, while driving on sidewalks, footpaths, roadsides and pedestrian areas the rider must not interfere with the movement of all other persons. If the inconvenience is created for pedestrians, the cyclist must get off the vehicle and proceed as a pedestrian.
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