Fifty cubic centimeters. Do I need a license

When managing such a vehicle as a scooter, need neither law nor to register the scooter with the traffic police, just in case, if the speed that can develop this form of transport does not exceed 60 kilometers per hour, and the volume of the engine (working) will not be greater than 50 CC. This moped would not apply to the driven vehicle and can only be equated to the bike.

If the performance of the engine, namely, its volume and speed, will exceed the above parameters, the vehicle is no longer considered a moped and, therefore, possession of the scooter will have all of the ensuing consequences, that is:

- registration in traffic police;
- obtaining a permit;
- inspection, which will need to carry out regularly;
- payment of road tax etc.

That's it for this scooter will necessarily need a law, which, by the way, the buyer must notify the salon before making a purchase.

How important are traffic rules and caution when driving a scooter

A large number of owners of scooters believe that if the management of such a vehicle do not need to register, and to comply with traffic rules is not necessary, and you can just go "neat". However, this approach can't be correct in any way, as any member of the movement, whether pedestrian, motorist, cyclist or driver of a scooter must move strictly by the rules. Otherwise it can become a hindrance to other road users, which may lead to the emergency situation on the road. It is because of a possible increase in the number of accidents, today there are a huge number of those people who advocate mandatory to obtain rights to operate any vehicle, and scooter in particular.

This point of view is very understandable to those who already have a big enough driving experience and are familiar with Russian roads. It is for this reason to get right is half the battle, you need to master the technique of driving and to thoroughly examine the rules of the road.

In addition, it is important to remember safety when driving a scooter. The driver is responsible for their own decisions and their behavior on the road. Under the current legislation of the Russian Federation, to operate such vehicle as a scooter, a person at least 16 years old, otherwise the driver will be fined, which will be obliged to pay not the driver, and the one who allowed him to drive.