In connection with a wide variety of two-wheel vehicles has become difficult to choose the scooter which you would like for the price and design. This problem often faces the beautiful half of the population, since it plays a big role in style scooter.

Features choice

Before you pay from 20 to 80-100 thousand rubles for a scooter, you will need to determine exactly what you would like. You can choose a scooter classic shapes or the same shape. The last kind of scooter looks quite impressive, but poorly versed in the technique of two-wheeled people will think you legacythe on a real motorcycle.

It is not necessary to choose a technique such as scooter, remote — look in online stores or on websites with private ads. First, whatever was externally, scooter, get you through the day after purchase may find that sitting on it is uncomfortable, hands start to go numb quickly, and the capacity is very small. Secondly, if you want to buy such a vehicle from a private seller, it is best to come and view the scooter with a knowledgeable person. Often the owners of scooters in the desire to sell vehicles resort to such tricks, like painting plastic, poor-quality repair of engine components, the change in the mileage records, etc.

The cost of scooters from different manufacturers

To start, you will need to determine your budget. If you want to purchase classics, for example, Japanese scooters HondaDio, HondaLead, YamahaX-Mahi, etc., then you will have to pay a big amount ranging from 50 to 150 thousand rubles. 20-50 thousand rubles you can also buy a decent scooter for girls from companies such as HP, Griphon, Stels or Venta. The only disadvantage of this technique is cheap and plastic wear (in the fall of scooter plastic parts can be formed horrible scratches). Lovers of sporty design will appeal to scooters ForsagePB-14 or YamasakiScorpion.

Why girls should buy a scooter

If you have never ridden a bike or bad keep the balance, then buying a scooter can help in the further development of more powerful techniques. It is on the scooter you can learn to turn, brake, move the weight on the technique, and to drive in heavy traffic vehicles without unpleasant consequences.

A big plus of driving on a scooter is no need to shift gears like on a motorcycle — at this stage of novice motorcyclists is female, there are often problems.