According to the traffic Rules of the Russian Federation, a moped is a two - or three-wheeled vehicle with an engine capacity not exceeding 50 CC and a maximum design speed not exceeding 50 km/h according to the traffic Regulations mopeds are prescribed to move on the right side of the road with the bikes. The word "moped" comes from combining two words – motor and the bike. That is a Bicycle with a motor is a moped.
A conventional scooter comprises a pedal chain drive. In the hub of the rear wheel includes a brake. The brake can be deployed when rotating the pedals in the opposite direction. Sprocket driven chain drive motor also mounted on the rear wheel of a moped. Sprocket is on the shaft with the engine. The star shafts and the motor can be disconnected by using the clutch. Included is the clutch lever on the left handlebar grip. Right handle handlebar controls carburetor. Also on the right handlebar grip removed brake lever.
The scooter belongs to one kind of scooter. That is, the scooter is a lightweight motorcycle with an engine under the seat. Typically, the scooter has an automatic clutch and CVT. All working parts are protected with a plastic lining. The design of the scooter protect the driver from dust and dirt. The management of the scooter is accomplished with the rudder. On the handlebars are levers of the brakes and throttle. The engine is of two - and four-stroke.
Scooters come in various versions: urban, tour, sport and off-road. City are compact and small wheel diameter. Travel scooters are more comfortable for traveling long distances. Sport scooters are used in racing competitions. Offroad scooters are adapted for driving in difficult road conditions.
The similarity of the moped and scooter is that it is a two-wheeled vehicle with an engine. Similar and ways to manage – by using the levers located on the steering wheel. The scooter can have a more powerful engine than a moped. Some manufacturers produce scooters with an engine capacity of up to 830 CC Scooter is lighter and easier to manage. Landing of the driver on the scooter more convenient and comfortable than a moped. Under the seat of a scooter is a small Luggage compartment, which distinguishes it from the bike. Scooter has become a very popular means of transportation due to the efficiency and comfort.