To become one of the members of the social network "Classmates", you must have a computer, tablet or mobile phone with Internet access and a few minutes of free time. The registration procedure on the website consists of a few simple steps and takes several minutes.

First you need to go to the main page of the site. This can be done through any search engine which you prefer, or by typing in the address bar of your browser the following combination: Once on the main page, click on the link that says "Register" (it is located to the left of the form to login) and fill out the form with your personal details, date of birth, gender, etc. Then in the column "Login", enter using the Latin alphabet, the name by which you will enter the site. After this you will need to come up with another position, without which the entrance to the site will be simply impossible, this is the password. It is necessary in order to avoid cases of access to your profile by unauthorized persons.

For the username can use any combination of letters, numbers and symbols. We can encode your name or surname, the nickname of a pet. Customize login numbers and special characters. Numbers it is best to "mix" with the letters. Especially if the username you are using your own name or the name of a loved one.

After that, you need to enter a password. It needs to be as complex that outsiders were unable to type correctly. Therefore, the use of proper names in the password is simply unacceptable. Try to come up with a password at least 6 characters, ideally 10-15. Alternate in this account letters, numbers, symbols. Then retype the password in an additional window. And click "Continue".

The primary step you have completed. Now, in order to protect your account in case of hacking or lock profile and opportunities for future restore access to the personal page, tie the account to your mobile phone or email. It is enough in the appropriate fields to enter the number of the current phone and email address.

The phone is also required to activate your account on the website "Classmates", after which you will be able to fully use all the resources of the social network to communicate with users, comment on photos and videos, share status, comments, etc. After you enter in the corresponding field cell number in your phone will receive a code which must be entered in a special window. Thus, you confirm the registration and activate your account.

Should you forget the password, use the link "Forgot password" and then act in accordance with the recommendations of the recovery access. Here's the handy your phone!

And on your page did not come other users do not share their credentials. And if you are not the only computer user, do not use the auto-save password.