How to find people in the "Classmates"

To find a classmate page in the "Classmates", log in the social network, by entering email and password in a special form. If you haven't registered there, do it, because you will be able to find all your friends from the past and present, as well as meet new and interesting people.

The social network has a special search menu that allows you to find the right person. Find your avatar (picture), look under the button "More" and click on "Search new friends". Enter the name of the wanted man. Search for "Classmates" will give you all registered on the website pages with similar data. But if the name is common, then navigate among the found people to be quite difficult. For a more accurate search of the person, enter other information that is known about personality:

- age;

- prospective country of residence;


If you fail to find someone in the "Classmates" name, do not despair. Perhaps, was wanted under another name or not sitting in this social network at all.

How to find classmates in the "Classmates"

If you want to find the social network your friend from school, in addition to the above data, the search query will verify the location of his training. Then click the search button. In addition, you can enter in your profile information about your school and training time, and perhaps your classmate he will find your page.

You can also look for a group dedicated to your school and, joining it, to write about what they are looking for a classmate.

If the person with whom you have studied, to find Classmates" standard methods does not work, try to find other friends from school. Perhaps your friend they have friends or they know anything about his fate.

How to find your page in the "Classmates"

If you register in a social network to find someone in the "Classmates", you probably want to know what it looks like your page is your friend. Find your page on Facebook without going into the social network. To do this, go to the website enter the name in the search bar (if necessary, and other data), check the social network in which to search, and get the desired result. By the way, through the service of Yandex, you can search for pages of people not only in the "Classmates", but also on other sites for communication. You do not need to do so.