Advice 1: How to restore ribbon and Classmates

This option in a social network "Classmates", as the activity feed, allows you to be aware of all the events your friends and groups. If your friend is not reflected in the tape, most likely you turned it off. But do not worry: the tape is very easy to restore.
How to restore ribbon and Classmates
You will need
  • check on the website "Classmates";
  • - access to the Internet.
To make any changes in the "Classmates", first go to your profile. On the home page enter the username and password used to log in to your account. If you previously saved the link to the website in your browser, you will only need to click it and immediately go to your account on the social network.
After go to your profile on the website, under the personal photo (it is located in the left corner of the page), find the link "More" click it and in the drop-down window, select "Change settings".
This will open a new page to the profile, you can apply a variety of settings. In this case, you need a section "customize the ribbon". Click the appropriate label to open a list of the users you removed from the activity feed of friends. To restore them, hover your mouse over the right person and in the drop down box at the bottom of the list click "Show in feed".
Click the link and in new opened window where the system will ask you whether or not you want to add this user to the activity stream and receive messages about all its news and events, confirm that you want to restore other on your page. If your decision is final, click "Enable". After this point the "classmate" and all his actions on the website will begin to appear in the film. If you're still in doubt, add a user or not, click "Cancel".
However, even if you turn on another in the activity feed, at any time, you will be able to send it again to the list of excluded and "not displayed" on your page. To do this, hover over the published in the ribbon, note of each and hit the x in the upper right corner to remove it. Put in the new opened window the checkbox next to "Disable all event notifications" and exclude the other from the activity feed.

Advice 2: How to add news feed to your website

For more popularity of the website, you can add the news feed. This will attract new visitors and increase opportunities for older users.
How to add news feed to your website
You will need
  • The Internet address of the desired newsfeed.
If you want to install to your website the RSS feed, first choose an appropriate theme. Many sites offer their news feeds. It may be world news, science news, sport, fashion or even a news channel of your hometown. Tape choice depends on the topic of your personal site.
After selecting a site with suitable feed, look on the website the ability to copy the code of the RSS feed. Typically, the code link is next to the news feed called "Install our feed on your site." Click on the link and follow the instructions to install the code on your website. If you can't find the code news on the website, most likely, this tape is copied from another source, and you should go look for him.
If you are unable to find the code for RSS feeds on the website or you do not understand the installation instruction, use one of the services to generate codes news feeds. For example, on the website simply insert a link with the address of any tape in the box and click the button "Read/get the code". After reloading the page, you will receive a code that must be installed on the site to read news. And also you can just read the information of the selected tape. The service allows you to display RSS feeds.
If you want to add the ability to subscribe to news and to set the counter of the subscribers use FeedBurner from Google. For service required for the registration in Google. After entering your personal Cabinet you must enter the address of the news feed and get the new address formatлента_новостей. Further, it can be used to generate codes and counters that are installed directly on your website. The account running the wizard to create a RSS-feed, which greatly simplifies the code generation process.
Code of the tape depends on the engine of your website. If the tape is not visible or displays incorrectly, most likely you are using the wrong code.
Useful advice
After installation of the meter of subscribers you will be able to indirectly assess the success of your project.

Advice 3: How to restore profile on the "Classmates"

If you are a user of a social network "Classmates", then once you can not get to own page. For a number of reasons: spamming, breaking the rules of communication on the website, attempted burglary page scams - access profile can be blocked. But do not worry – just a few steps will help to quickly restore the page.
How to restore profile on the "Classmates"

That block "Classmates"

Access to the site "Classmates" may be closed in some cases. For example, you "planted" in your computer, the virus which "stole" your username and password. As a rule, in this case, when you enter the real account you receive a notice of attempted burglary or that the page is blocked.

The site administration has the right to close the profile in case of violation of website rules, for example spamming, using other people's photos, in case of numerous complaints from other users, etc. down the page may be due to the real intervention of scammers trying to hack your profile. Several times entered a wrong username or password also can give rise to blocking of your account: so on the website exclude the possibility of the profile access by unauthorized persons.

How to solve the problem

If you have the opportunity, try to go to the page from another device – phone, tablet, another computer. If this is the case of problems with logging into the site does not occur, you will need to clean your computer. It is recommended to scan your computer for viruses. It is possible that the lock tried it. Place the system on a check and then delete all detected virus, restart the system unit and try again to go to your page.
Possible tie your account to the phone. In this case, when you try to change the username or password on your phone will receive a notification and the verification code for restoring the page.

To restore access to profiles on the main page of the site "Facebook" click the "Forgot password?". Then in the next window, fill in correctly your username, phone number or email address in the bottom line enter the picture code. Then click "Continue".
Hard to see the symbols on the image? Then press the inscription "to Show a different picture."

After this step your phone will receive a text message with the access code which must be entered in the special column on the new page and click "Confirm code". Then type in your new password in the line below, re-enter it again. Then click "Continue" go to the home page and enter your username and new password.

In an extreme case, if the above methods do not help, it is useful to check and, if required, to correct some details of your computer. In particular, you will need to edit the document "hosts.txt" which is on drive C in the Windows\System32 folder. Open that folder and find the first folder "drivers" then "etc". In the last folder, locate and use Notepad to open the desired document hosts.txt. It will need to find two lines where it says localhost (see the image) and erase all that is written below. Then save the document and restart the computer.
If these methods do not help, contact customer support.

However, remember that these methods are suitable to recover a locked profile. To restore the deleted from the site account will not succeed.
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