You will need
  • check on the website "Classmates";
  • - access to the Internet.
To make any changes in the "Classmates", first go to your profile. On the home page enter the username and password used to log in to your account. If you previously saved the link to the website in your browser, you will only need to click it and immediately go to your account on the social network.
After go to your profile on the website, under the personal photo (it is located in the left corner of the page), find the link "More" click it and in the drop-down window, select "Change settings".
This will open a new page to the profile, you can apply a variety of settings. In this case, you need a section "customize the ribbon". Click the appropriate label to open a list of the users you removed from the activity feed of friends. To restore them, hover your mouse over the right person and in the drop down box at the bottom of the list click "Show in feed".
Click the link and in new opened window where the system will ask you whether or not you want to add this user to the activity stream and receive messages about all its news and events, confirm that you want to restore other on your page. If your decision is final, click "Enable". After this point the "classmate" and all his actions on the website will begin to appear in the film. If you're still in doubt, add a user or not, click "Cancel".
However, even if you turn on another in the activity feed, at any time, you will be able to send it again to the list of excluded and "not displayed" on your page. To do this, hover over the published in the ribbon, note of each and hit the x in the upper right corner to remove it. Put in the new opened window the checkbox next to "Disable all event notifications" and exclude the other from the activity feed.