One of the best sites on the Internet become "Classmates. Such a resource can not be called the most popular and functional, but it is mostly exempt from the ads, the black content and illegal information. Here users can communicate without any restrictions and obstacles, have at their disposal relevant service.

How to create your own page in social network

To open the page in the "Classmates" will not be problem. The user needs to register mailbox, and to provide a phone number. Information is required in order to confirm the reality account you should not have any suspicion in the system. In a similar way provided the sort of profiles that are often used for advertising and promotion of products.
After confirming all the main data there is an opportunity to fill in basic information fields, and upload photos and multimedia content.

Finding friends and companions in the "Classmates" is quite simple. Search for users is done via individual requests. As basic data are specified schools or universities, as well as the city of residence. You can also find users by name and surname, which greatly simplifies the work with the site. "Classmates" will be more relevant to users of the older generation.
Among young people becomes the most popular site "Vkontakte". "Classmates", in contrast, have well-established visitor audience, which gets the ability to communicate without much advertising and without any complications.

How to open a private profile in the "Classmates"

In recent years, people began to close their profile on this social network for money. The private profile can only see your friends. However, sometimes this feature is annoying, but you can abandon it by opening your account. For this you need to login to your page, under your main photo you will notice a menu that includes "Change settings". Click on it and in the opened window, select "Settings publicity." Now you only need to find the section "Privacy", in the column "to Open the page for the search engines and mail services" choose "Yes" and confirm open profile. After that, you will become visible to all users of this social network. Re-closing will be free.