Advice 1: How to go to blocked

Sometimes at work, nothing to do, and to kill time, many people go on the social networking site. It is quite natural that the employer against such waste of working time, and therefore requests the network administrator to block Classmates. But at lunchtime, and you can review photos friends vacation trips in order to motivate yourself for hard work. The solution may be a visit to the page from a mobile phone, but with a computer you can go on blocked.
How to go to blocked

If you still don't know how to go on blocked from work, you lose a lot, because already invented two ways that will bypass any obstacles in the local network administrator.

How to enter a blocked website Classmates through the mirror

To bypass the blocking of certain Internet addresses by a network administrator, for entry you can use mirrors. The mirror copy of the site with a different address that is created to bypass the lock entry for the resource name.

To find a mirror for my Classmates, just type in a search engine request.

Examples of sites which can be free to go to blocked can be, and

To enter you need to dial one of the addresses to select the link with the mirror, click on it.

The link will open a window for entering a username and password. They need to write, then you can use the social network.

When using mirrors, remember that you need to choose only well-known trusted sites. It is better to use inexpensive, but not free mirror, so the likelihood that you'll catch on to your work computer a virus, or your data account will fall into the hands of spammers, much less.

How to go to blocked through the anonymizer

Visit the page of Odnoklassniki social network, if blocking is possible through the anonymizer. It loads the necessary information from the website and sends it on his behalf, appearing as intermediaries in the communication of computer and social networks. This helps to bypass the security lock on the network administrator. One of the most well-known of the anonymizers, "Chameleon".

To access a banned site through portals,

Now you know how to go to blocked from your work computer. If you use the methods for free, don't forget to take precautions. Always read reviews about the site before you start to use it for any suspected unauthorized use of your account on a social network, change the password to access your page at Classmates.


Advice 2: How to enter if the page is blocked

There are many reasons to visit a blocked page: "Vkontakte" users complain about the blocking of the pages for sending out spam or virus activity; management of organizations restricts users ' access to sites of non-core subjects, providers block pages potentially dangerous websites, etc. the Solution individually in each case
How to enter if the page is blocked
Let's see the options to open pages on the social network "Vkontakte".You need to check your computer's antivirus program, if you need to update the antivirus.
Then fill out the application for renewal of access to the page on the website "Vkontakte", send it to technical support. The timing of the application – from several hours to several days.
How to visit the site of work or training places, if the blocked page of the non-core subjects?Such measures take the heads of the enterprises, Directors of schools, the rector's offices of the universities.
To get to the blocked page through one of the Web proxy sites that provide access to blocked sites. You can find them at one of the following links:
Finally, you can just not try to access a blocked page, it is no wonder it was blocked.
If the site is attacked, then it can not go, because the server stops responding.
Useful advice
Now you can go to any website, even if access to it is blocked by your administrator. Our anonymizer allows you, chameleon-like, quietly go to Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte and any other websites, even if they are blocked by the administrator. If you have blocked our website, you can use Dagosto.

Advice 3: How to block an account

Social networking implies the presence of its own account. Sometimes you need to block your page for awhile due to various reasons.
How to block an account
If you need to block your page in a social network "My world", go to the website, log in and go to "Settings", located to the left of your photo. Next you will see tab where you must click "Delete My world." Thus, there will be blocking it for 48 hours, during which you can cancel the deletion of your accountby clicking on the button with the appropriate name.
If you want to lock your page on online Ebay, log in to the service, remove all funds available in your account, it should be empty. Check there if you open lots or active sales, whether all providers calculation, there are no outstanding orders. Go to the page and request the closure of your account. To carry out this action, you will have to agree with the proposed conditions of the resource and select any of the options: delete, or to temporarily block the page.
To lock an account in a social network "In contact", log in and log on to your page. Go to "Settings", select "General" tab. Specify the reason why you do it. Your page will be in lock mode for several months, and then deleted completely (if you are in this time unlocks the account).
The same is the procedure of blocking or deleting profile network Facebook. Among other reasons, there are specified also such: "this is temporary", "I'll be back", etc.
To block your profile on the "Classmates" you are unlikely to work, but have the opportunity to remove it. So, if you need to get rid of the account in this social network, go to your page and at the bottom choose the section: "Regulations". In the bottom of the page of the rules, hit the link: "Withdraw from services". Specify the reason why you do it, and then click OK.

Advice 4: How to go to Classmates

Odnoklassniki is a social network where you can not only exchange messages with users, but also to share photos, music, videos, join groups of interest. And for fans of the various games the site has dozens of different applications. So if you are still not online, go to the site and enjoy all its features.
How to go to Classmates

Registration on the website is the first step to "Classmates"

Go to the site "Classmates" can only be his user. So first you will need to register on this site. To do this, connect the Internet and your browser in the address bar, type the word "Facebook" to go to the main page of the site. As a rule, most of the browsers supports the ability to quickly find the desired site. Then from the presented list of sites, select the one where it says "Odnoklassniki - the social network." You can also type in the address bar

Once on the main page, in the upper right corner, locate the "Register" button. Click on it and on the opened new page in the appropriate fields, specify the following details: name, surname, date of birth, gender, country of residence, city, e-mail address or the username you will use to log on to the website. Then create a password.
Try to keep your password was most difficult. This will create your account additional protection against hacking. In the password, it is desirable to use not only letters but also numbers and different symbols.

After fill in all the fields on the registration page, click "Register". Now congratulations are in order: after this step, you will become a full user of the site "Classmates".
Not to forget the password coined, save it in a separate document or copy into the notebook you keep away from strangers.

But to get access to all features of the social network, you will need to enter your mobile phone number. Click the "Specify room" in the new "Alert" and aktivirajte profile. Please note that account activation no means your mobile phone will not withdraw. But after that you will be able to fully use all applications of a social network. After activation they will be available to you.

To go to the "Classmates" just

Once you have registered in the "Classmates" to enter your account, you can save a bookmark in your browser to the site. And then you will get to the personal page, one click on the appropriate link. In this case, you will not need to enter any further data.

If you prefer to constantly sign in to your account, you will need to go to the main page and in the appropriate fields to enter their username and password. For the convenience of users the site has the option to save your credentials. It only needs to tick to "Remember me".

Advice 5: How to block a friend in Friendster

In a social network "Schoolmates" you may have a lot of friends. Adding people sometimes do not think about the consequences. And then on your page begins to crumble to the annoying message, bad offers or spam. How to make a nasty "friend" never bothered you? How to make so that he could no longer write to you that you absolutely do not want to read?
How to block a friend in Friendster
Go to his account and under the line where is written large in your name, a list of clickable buttons, find the button "friends". Click on it with the mouse. Opens the friends list with pictures or avatars, if they exist. Even if they are not there, will still be your friend's name or his nickname.
Find someone that you want to block. If friends very much, the search can be accelerated if you enter his name in the box above the photos that says "search for friends". This is the quick and easy search, because friends can be more than one hundred people. Click on the "find" button, will appear the one who are looking for and do not need to view all the friends by yourself. Though often the search is started automatically while entering a name.
Click on his photo or avatar. Opens a list of actions which can be taken against that person. Choose the bottom of the list to "end the friendship", this is the place where you want to click the mouse. After that, a window will appear confirming your actions, click on "Yes" and people will immediately removed from your friends list.
Log on to the page in the message section and find someone that just got removed from friends. Open the conversation. At the top on a green field, its name, you will see a small icon in the form of a crossed out letter "o". Hover your mouse and then POPs the inscription "lock". Click on the icon and disable it. Confirm your action by clicking "Yes" after it emerged the confirmation window.
If you do not want to remove it from friends, but only to block the correspondence with him, then it will be enough "to stop a friendship with him". His messages are blocked, but it will remain in your friends list. If you wish, you can always return back and again to add friends and unlock all the correspondence. All very easy and convenient. Block who you hurt in the "Classmates" and does not communicate.
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