You will need
  • - the application addressed to the rector;
  • - copy of passport;
  • - a copy of the certificate;
  • - a copy of the certificate of the exam;
  • - medical certificate;
  • photography.
Define the desired Institution. The faculty of journalism there are in most human institutions and universities. Hand over the required documents, prepare for exams. As a rule, future journalists must pass an exam on Russian language, literature and foreign language. If for some reason the exam results do not exist, pass exams in the University.
Provide copies of their published materials. Journalistic portfolio in most cases is not mandatory, but can play a positive role for the Commission in the decision on admission. If you have worked as a journalist in radio, television, attach the recommendation feature from the editor.
Prepare thoroughly for the creative exam, which is decisive for successful admission. You have to go through a small interview and write a creative essay. At the interview be prepared to answer a variety of questions: what attracts you to the profession of a journalist, what would like to specialize in the future, how do you navigate the politics, cultural and social life, have their own opinions on problematic issues of the society. Members of the Committee pay special attention to the resourcefulness of the applicant, good communication skills, ability to clearly Express their thoughts, analytical skills etc. Your answers will be recorded and evaluated.
Write an essay on the second round of the creative exam. The essay should cover the topic and the form to be a journalistic product for printing. Try to reflect their attitude to the essay topic, use specific facts. Show your awareness of the problem. Avoid cliches and templates. Impeccable literary style, well-built narrative will help you to successfully pass the exam and become a student of the faculty of journalism.