You will need
  • - high school diploma;
  • - medical certificate;
  • - the results of the exam;
  • - 3 photos 3x4 cm.
GITIS presented by 8 faculties: acting, two for directing, theatre studies, Department of music, theatre design, musical theatre, and choreography. If you already have a higher education, you can continue in graduate or postgraduate course.
Select the school that we plan to do. Decide what form of training (resident or correspondence). Check out features admission to a particular faculty. If you have just finished school, you will need the results of the exam in Russian language and literature. Graduates of the school until 2009 exams in the Academy. School graduates with specialized education, accepted by results of creative competition.
The creative competition is one of the most important applicant of the Theatre Academy. It is evaluated on a 100-point scale and consists of three rounds. At the first audition you will be asked to introduce themselves, tell about themselves and to fulfill the so-called "program". Hold yourself confidently, speak clearly and distinctly. Depending on the faculty you will need to perform several excerpts from the works (prose, poetry, fable), to demonstrate vocal, stage, dance data. Prepare several variants of your program. This will help you not to get lost if the selection Committee will ask you to show or do something else.
To successfully complete a creative task, sign up to training courses where experienced teachers will help to improve the scenic speech, acting skills, plastic. Preparatory courses you have the opportunity to compare themselves with other applicants and to assess their capabilities.
Take a few lessons from professionals who know how to pass such exams. They will be able to guide you in how to show their best side, and what kind of repertoire to prepare for the Commission.
If you have completed all three rounds, you still have to pass the examination on the erudition, knowledge of history of theatre, dance, literature, contemporary art. Therefore, as you read more, attend exhibitions, theatrical and dance performances.