Many famous actors did not arrive in theatrical Institute at the first attempt. Nothing terrible in this - after all, if the talent is there, it must be noticed. But in order to avoid disappointment you need to be prepared to enter.Entrance examinations in theatrical Institute different from all other entrance tests that they pass in several stages. Listening, tours, composing, Colloquium. With each step students will become less and the audition.This is the first stage in which teachers and master course will be able to understand whether it makes sense to allow you to further testing. So try to produce to the Commission a good impression.
Tours.Often the rounds is three or four, almost all universities assignments that are given on the tours differ. On these tests you will be required not only to read memorized poems, fables, prose, but also show how you can sing and dance, if you can improvise.The result of the passage of the tour largely depends on your preparation. But without the least bit of luck we can not do. Your peace of mind you will be just at hand. Really, worry too much no reason.I like to talk to students about the work of the admission Commission: "Here no one left still in him.
Essay.At this stage you can relax a little. What you got to works, means that the Commission you liked it - that's good.But illiterate written work that does not reveal the theme, you may undo all your progress, so writing you need to prepare and prepare well.
Colloquium.The final stage of entrance examinations. Here you will one on one chat with the selection Committee, who will ask you many different questions concerning the history of theatre, literature and art, to see how you can carry on a conversation, to know what knowledge you possess.This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your horizons, ability to support conversation and other personal qualities.