You will need
  • - five publications in the media over your signature authenticated in accordance with the requirements of the admissions Committee;
  • - characteristic-recommendation from the media with whom you work;
  • - the document on secondary education;
  • - medical certificate form 086У;
  • - other documents in accordance with the requirements of the selection Committee.
Obtaining the required number of publications and specifications-recommendations need to attend at least a few months before admission. Many editors are reluctant to cooperate with future students of journalism, but you can always find exceptions.
Easier if in your city there is a Studio of young journalists or something like that. If they do not have their own publications was, usually try to establish contacts with the media (usually youth) to solve this problem of the pupils.
Specify in the selection Committee chosen University requirements for registration of publications. Normally, the clipping should be pasted to a sheet of A4 paper, signed by the head of the editorial Board and by its seal.

Feature-recommendation - issued on the letterhead and the signature of the chief editor or his Deputy and stamped.
Assemble the other set of documents in accordance with the requirements of the University and submit them to the admissions office. You will be given a receipt confirming their receipt and examination sheet.

In due time proceed to the entrance examinations.
Pass creative competition you have, even if the certificates of the exam give the right for admission without examination. It usually consists of two stages. First, the Commission appreciates your posts on the second conducts an interview with you, which is most often based on the analysis you submitted samples of his work.
After successful overcoming of this stage you will need to pass the entrance exams. If you rack up enough points for admission to the study through the budget, will have to address the issue of tuition on a contract basis.