First of all, to be an actress, you need to get a proper education. It is not only and not so much diploma, how many essential skills. Among them – the possession of acting, speech, plasticity; the ability to behave naturally on stage and free to stand in front of the camera. Theatrical schools and colleges in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk. Those who live in other cities, ask the local schools: sometimes the acting faculties are created in the conservatories (e.g., in Voronezh), and also in other educational institutions of sphere of culture and art.
However, you must remember to enter the acting Department is always difficult, but the girls make it doubly difficult. The problem is that, despite the fact that in many theaters troupes dominated women Actresses (and, perhaps, therefore), on the acting course boys try to dial in 2 times more than girls. The issue here is not discrimination, just in the Russian theatre, and in theatre education, a tradition of the formation of the troupe's cast of characters Griboedov "Woe from wit". Besides, in the world theatrical repertoire of male characters much more than female.
To best prepare for the inevitable fierce competition, it is best even during training in high school to enroll in an Amateur theater group, whether club or Studio. The ideal option would be training in the theater Department of the school of arts. In addition, you must purchase additional skills: vocal, choreography, perhaps athletic training. At times, the actress needed the most unexpected skills, for example, knowledge of foreign languages, horse riding or driving a car.
You should also take a serious approach to the selection of material for the entrance exams. Here it is necessary to prepare the classic triad: a prose passage, a poem and a fable, you may also want to perform a song or dance. In addition to acting tests have to endure a follow – up interview on the history of theatre and drama. List of literature for preparation is usually published in a booklet, or Handbook for students. It is desirable to read the most famous plays and books about theater, not to look ignorant.
If you are not able to do the first time, it is necessary to preserve confidence and optimism. In the end, it is possible to prepare seriously and to try again next year. But do not forget that usually in College theater take in girls under the age of 21 years. If you enroll in the desired school failed, and life without a scene is unthinkable, there are several options for further action.
The first step is to ask whether there is something set in an acting Studio at one of the theaters of his native city. Such variants are not so rare. Then you can try to go there. In addition, if the theatre is interested in promising young artists, he himself sets them on correspondence course in drama school. If you get acting all else fails, you can think about your other talents that can be useful in theatre, and try to learn to be a Director (although it is still harder), artist, producer, theater critic or a film critic. If none of these options seem acceptable, perhaps, is to get a profession in a different field of activity, in the future, combining it with classes in Amateur theater.
Always remember that even if we managed to do and successfully complete the acting Department, the profession involves subsequent an uphill battle for the opportunity of creative self-realization: infinite visit auditions, the performance of a cameo role, the tireless work on yourself. Just becoming a "star" of the stage or screen, the actress will be able to choose the most interesting of the numerous proposals. But this can only be achieved by long, hard work.