The first option

In order to quickly sew a chiffon dress, you only need two measurements and your favorite tank top with a straight neckline with shoulder straps. The first measurement is the length of the product. Folded the material in half face inside, lay it on the shirt so that the neck coincides with the top edge of the fabric. Then draw the shirt around the loop, gradually widening towards the bottom, and extend the marking to the required length of the product.

Cut out the parts, fold them in half to be level discrepancies, and then return to its original position. Then sostrochite dress at the sides. Treat the hem of the dress and the cutouts for hands, twice with tucked fabric, and paving a straight line.

On the front and back of the neck make kulisku, the width of the ribbon, whereby the dress will stay on the shoulders. To do this, tuck the edge of the neck, as in cut, and slide the fabric down so that the tape could safely pass in kulisku. Keen on the seam, and then lay in a straight line.

Remove the second measure, representing the length of the upper part of the dress. Extreme point – the center of the chest (the place where will be located the drawstring), and the bottom will be at the level of the future Empire waist under the chest. Put the resulting cut on the fabric. At the lower point of the line perpendicular to the guide cut. At this point sew the elastic. It should be long enough to not pinch your body.

Remove the dress and pass the tape. Feel free to wear the product, tie the ribbon and go for a walk!

The second option

For the second method of tailoring dress chiffon you will also need your favorite tank top with wide straps or a t-shirt. As in the previous embodiment, the fabric needs to be folded in half and cut around the shirt along the contour, adding a few inches of the allowances. Then the parts should be cut. Bottom part of the stone must be cut separately, based on the desired length of the dress.

Next you need to sew the top and bottom of the dress on the sides and process all sections, as indicated in the description of the first model of the dress. The waist of the bottom part should be prioraty so that it width is equal to the bottom of the top. Next you need to tuck a ruched waistband and stitch the drawstring as described above. Leave a small slit in order to be able later to put the elastic. Only thing left is to astrocity the top and hem, stretch drawstring at the elastic and sew up the hole. A new dress is ready!