Tunic dress elastic

Starting to sew dress Atletico for a summer party, you need to take only two measurements: - poluobhvat chest and length of the product. The last measurements should be increased in two times, add 3 cm to cut and fold the fabric in half face inside. On the center fold line mark poluobhvat chest and make the cut exactly on the line.

The next step you need to convert hem and armhole, with tucked and prostracii the edge of the cuts. Then cut the required length of wide elastic. It should fit snugly to the body over the Breasts, but not push. To the elastic in the socks of the product did not dissolve, its edges should be treated. Staple the ends of the bands, it should be pristroit to the armhole with the wrong side so that the main part was visible above the cloth. This sewing is done. The silhouette dress has its English definition – tent dress.

Dress-the bell

For making this model you will need 3 meters faux silk with floral pattern. Folding the fabric in half face inside, mark the length of the product. For this angle at a distance of 145 cm put a line in the form of a semicircle. The neck should be noted in the same way at a distance of 20 cm from the corner. After that, the item need to be cut.

For this kind of dresses razlicici need to take one measurement – the length of the armhole from shoulder point to the middle of the back, which is handy. Then from the centre of the neck of the future dresses guide perpendicular to the line segment of arbitrary length, the beginning of which will serve as a shoulder point. Focusing on it, put a label neckline from the fold and cut off the excess fabric.

Next, you need to astrocity the product, and the line of openings process piping. In the area of the neck from the inside need to sew the braid, which will serve as a drawstring. At last, you can pass a bright cord or ribbon and tie around the neck. The finished dress will look beautiful with a belt of medium width.

Dress Bubu

Another very easy to the performance of a printed razlicici is Bubu. This silhouette is native to Africa, therefore to sew it is appropriate to choose a lightweight fabric with a leopard, tiger or any other animal print.

Having measured the length of the product (best choice would be floor-length), as in the previous case, the fabric is folded in half, and the center is cut. The armhole can be of arbitrary length, but not more than the width of the shoulders, otherwise the dress simply doesn't hold. After that all the slices are processed on the sewing machine.

The product is possible to belt a leather belt or cord and worn, no stitching, and can be pre-astrocity the sides of the dress, leaving 30 cm for the sleeves.