You will need
  • - zip "lightning" 18-20 cm;
  • - light chiffon with a width of 1 m to 6 M.
To completely copy the outfit charming diva, choose fabric, bright colors and very light structure. The fabric will need to expose the corrugation, it is also one of the main selection criteria. For the dress from Marilyn Monroe printed cotton suit, silk, but it is best to use air chiffon. No extra accessories (except for the clasp "lightning" 18-20 cm) you do not need.
Measure the waist circumference and length from bodice to bottom of skirt. Cut out of paper the details of the future dresses. You need to make a pattern of a circle. Calculate its diameter. It is equal to D = S/6,28 + L, where R is the radius of the waist, S waist circumference, and L is the length of the skirt from the bodice, D – diameter of the circle to cut out. Inside the great circle at its center draw a little with R = S/6,28. Cut the fabric into a blank future skirts.
Fold the paper pattern in half and cut the fabric into a semicircle. This is the future bodice of your dress. For belt it is necessary to prepare four strips of chiffon with a length of 1 meter and a width of 7 cm They cut the common thread. All the details of the legendary dresses is prepared. Left to connect them correctly.
When you sew this dress, then finally verify that "All genius is simple". Because the most difficult in the manufacture of attire is to make the corrugations on the fabric. In house conditions it is possible to apply, using wildcards, the gauze, the impregnation and iron. But it's easier to give a cut of the workpiece in the Studio. There are folds in the fabric will quickly, inexpensively and professionally.
Use for the basics of corset dress light flesh-colored. This style of dress to wear without a bra can not afford all women, so the use of a corset justified. Put it on a mannequin. If you don't have the plastic human torso, all manipulations can be done on its own, but in this case without an assistant can not do.
Cut ruffled chiffon semicircle in half into two quarters. Dock the resulting two halves of a small radius. Then sew along the long scarf and turn. Put on the shoulders through the neck "collar" and spread their chest, attach it to the corset under the bodice, slightly gathered. Cut off the excess and sew to the corset.
Vsheyte zipper in a pleated circle skirt, the edges of the fabric and pristrochite it to the bodice, neatly and nicely bent edges. Sew the belt in place the joining of the bodice and skirt at the edge of the zipper and fold the hem. So from one and a half circles, and four strips of cloth it turns out the most beautiful dress of the twentieth century.