You will need
  • -fabric (two lengths of the product);
  • -thread (in the color of the fabric);
  • -zip - around 30cm ( fabric color)
To compose a pattern you need to take the following measurements: length of back to waist, arm length, neck semicircle, the semicircle over the breast, the chest semi-circle, semi-circle of the waist, semicircle of the hips.
Prepare the pattern direct dresses or blouses. If you have difficulty in self-preparation of patterns, use ready. To take her in fashion magazines or on the Internet. Transfer the pattern to tracing paper or polyethylene. Adjust it according to their own standards. Do not forget that dress-bandeau should be a little loose. Add to standards, to 1.5 cm in width free fit.
Now the usual pattern of the dress you need to simulate to make a dress-bandeau. To do it cutting. Cut the pattern at the waist line. On the skirt front make one tuck at the center of a panel width of about 3 cm and a depth of about 20cm. On the top at a height of about 25-27cm from the line of the cut mark some point. Connect it with the extreme ends of the openings, a smooth curved line. Put on the cutting line of the top of the front cloth tuck up the edge. Its width should be 3cm, depth – about 15cm. To be tuck should be strictly on center. On top of smooth line, also in the center, make another tuck. Its width 1-2cm, length 5cm. Cut the pattern into two parts along the lines of the Darts. This will be the front of your dress.
Rear cloth of the approximate model as well. Cut the pattern at the waist line. The skirt, make a tuck at the center of the pattern. The width of the tuck – 3cm, depth – about 15-18cm. From the top of the tuck will continue the line to the bottom of the part.Cut along the lines of option two. On the top of the pattern draw a straight, parallel cut lines. It must pass through the outermost point of the arm openings. On cut lines make a tuck with a width of about 3 cm with a depth of about 15cm. Tuck should be up the sharp end. Cut the top part into two parts along the lines of Darts.
Additionally you need to carve out strips of fabric for the bow. One strip should be 20 cm width and a length of 80cm. The second – width of 30cm and a length of 60cm.
Start collecting your dress with basting. Especially if you sew from an easy-glide fabric. Sweeps first two parts of the top of front cloth. Must try place on a small piece of fabric, adjust the needle thread tension. Sew. Then do a tuck on the front part of the skirt. Connect the top and bottom of the front panel.
Rear cloth collect in a slightly different order. First, connect the left part of the top and left detail the bottom. Then just connect the right parts. In the Central seam of the back cloth vsheyte zip. Its length depends on your desire, but not less than 30cm.
Sew the parts of a bow. Fold the workpiece in half, attrocity. Remove the parts on the front side. Tutuila seams.
Run side seams, lousy parts of a bow. Smoothen the edges.
Fold the bottom. You can either defer or simply glued using a special adhesive fabric and iron.
Treat the top of the dress. Use the bake, if the fabric is dense enough. If the fabric is thin, it is better to handle with a rolled hem.