You will need
  • - two scarf-pareo;
  • - threads;
  • - elastic ribbon or rubber vein.
Beach dress should be soft and airy, it should not be hot, therefore, for sewing dresses, choose a delicate flowing fabric. However, most quickly get to sew it from the shawls, the edge they have already processed, and you will not have to spend time averagevalue and hem the bottom of the product.
So, select two pair of the desired width and length. The bigger the scarf, the deeper the fat, build, draping. Best suited shawls of silk, satin or crepe de Chine. But keep in mind that these fabrics glide, so if you do not have sufficient skills in sewing, you must first sweep away all the seams.
Fold the handkerchiefs right sides together. The lateral part of the stitch on the sewing machine. At desire it is possible not to them zastrochit up to the end, and keep a small slits on the sides.
The upper part of the bend on the wrong side, so that subsequently the resulting kulisku you can insert the elastic band. Will astrocyte on the machine, leaving unsewn a small hole through which you can see gum.
The waist also make the drawstring. To do this, take a wide satin ribbon and sew it to the garment on the reverse side.
Pass elastic ribbons in both drawstring top at waist level.
Another version of the dress with lots of rubber bands. The bodice of this dress looks very nice, it emphasizes the chest. And kept on the body pretty tight, does not slip.
Instead of thread to wind on the bobbin thin rubber vein. Sew the side seams, as described above. With the front of the fabric, mark lines for the headband and start to stitch. The fabric is a bit stretch, then the elastic band will stretch. Please note that to sew the elastic to the front side.
Beach dress ready. It is massive jewelry in ethnic style. Wear a few bracelets on hand and your look will be complete.