You will need
  • fabric with crash-effect ( permanent-press)- for the skirt-the sun is about 5m, for the skirt of the cone - about 3M;
  • -cotton fabric lining - 1m;
  • -threads in the fabric color.
Dress with a skirt-a balloon is very difficult to iron. Use for sewing crease-resistant fabric or cloth, already "crumpled" crash-effect. For example, take Gatou Taft.
Take a break from a fabric conical skirt. If you want a lush tank, cutting the circle skirt. If you need a not too poofy skirt to stick to the cone. Add to the desired length of the skirt is approximately 30cm.
Dress-the container must have a lining. The top padding is hidden similar to the top of the dress. The bottom padding is a straight skirt. Its length should be 10cm shorter skirts.
Sew the side seams of the skirt, the lower section of the hem priamerica to the width of the bottom of the skirt padding. Lining if you are cutting, then sew from the bottom of the skirts. Now you just have to turn out skirts, slightly shifting the upper skirt towards the bottom to achieve beautiful waves and pritchet to the bodice.
If the lining of the dress you make a shift, sew the top skirt of the cylinder to the bodice. Now baste the bottom of the skirt-cylinder and skirt padding. The upper skirt a little slip relative to the bottom – this rotation forms the most beautiful tails. However, to sew a skirt in this case you have manually hidden seam.
If the dress-can you sew from a fabric, which must be ironed, you can gather the skirt differently. Cutting skirt quarter of the sun or the bell. The lower edge of the skirt to structure. Baste it concealed stitches to the wrong side at a height of about 10cm from the edge of the skirt. Of course, this is not exactly a cylinder, but look, this skirt will also be very beautiful.
Can the hem of the skirt to make a small podvorot-kulisku. You cut it the skirt about a quarter of the sun or semi-circular. The tuck edge of the skirt by about 2 cm You will receive kulisku. It insert a string or ribbon side tie a beautiful bow. If this option isn't entirely graceful, sew to the skirt hem cuffs. Pre-primamerica hem of the skirt to the required width.