You will need
  • 3 meters cotton fabric with a width of 1 m 40 cm, sewing supplies.
Select a simple model for sewing homemade dresses. As a rule, is a rectangle, whose front and back yoke, and from it build. The length can make any as you will be comfortable, the neck, perform the steps in the form of a triangle.
Cutting fabric, starting with yoke. Take obtachku on the shape of the corner, which is treated, width – 2.5 cm On the inside of the yoke set of the line. On the front side of the yoke side up, apply a facing, sew it on the intended line. Slash seam in corner, not reaching a line approximately 0.1 cm Spread out the parts in different directions, fold the seam Tutuila in the direction of the piping.
Fold the yoke to the part. But before that collect the cloth for the Assembly of two lines. The distance between them must be 0.5 cm of the Front side should "look" inside. The parts of the basic parts and piping yoke stocate.
Stocate side of the front, Ratatouille seams. Treat the neck. The back and front of the fold right sides inward. Stocate seam width 1.5 cm Seam Ratatouille. The edges don't showered, treat them with zigzag stitching. Treat the bottom of the dress.
If the dress is made of a monochromatic fabric, it can be decorated with embroidery or applique. Your homemade dress is ready. Now, even at home you will look unmatched. And most importantly, that there is no danger of unexpected guests, because you no longer have to change in a hurry. Because you will always look on all hundred percent.