Select the desired user profile in a social network "Schoolmates" and click on it. It can be done, for example, using search engines, finding the right page among the search results and clicking on its link. You can also find a link to the user profile from him personally or his friends and enter in the address bar of your browser.
View looks like the profile of this user. If it is fully open to all users of the Internet, you will see all the personal data of the person, placed on his page, will be able to see a list of friends and view photos. But most of all, if you are signed in to a social network, you will be available for viewing only part of the data.
Follow the procedure of the entrance to the "Classmates" by clicking on the appropriate link on the website. If you have not registered in this social network, use the on page instructions to complete this procedure. After receiving the username and password, and passing the verification of the mobile number, enter your details in the appropriate fields and sign in.
Go to the right person. Registered users can see more information in the profiles of other people. However, if part of the data is still hidden, you will not be able to see them if the user is not in your friend list. Click on the "Add friend" and wait while the man does not will review the application received and will not approve it. Once he confirms the application and will be added to the list of your friends, you will have access to all information on the user page.