You will need
  • - Internet access,
  • computer or cell phone.
Enter "Search" name and surname of the person. The system will present all registered users of the website with the same name. To reduce the number of people, it is necessary to specify the age (from-to) country and city of residence. Also on the website there is a group called educational institutions, which can be possible classmates. If the person is found, you can see his page and add to friends.
Click on the Search tab to locate classmates". The advanced search allows you to find a person by the name of the city, schools, University, date of birth, work, military service and even for beliefs that he can write in his profile.
Enter the name of a classmate in the line "Search" with the "People" and click "search". Will be given a list of all users with that name, you can also specify the age, gender, city, school, UNIVERSITY, College, work, military unit, personal information of the person and interests.
Click on the tab "find friends" and type in the string "Search" name and surname of the person in Latin or Cyrillic. If you register, enter the name of your school or other educational institution, facebook immediately puts the list of possible friends who are in the system. Facebook also proposes to add registered users in the system who are contacts or friendship on, Yandex, Yahoo!, Skype, ICQ, QIP, other e-mail services.
Other sites.
Type in any search engine "Search classmates" and will be presented with a list of sites where you can find people by region, city, school or University. However, these sites also require registration, and the probability to find a friend there person minimal, as most use the most popular social networks described above.