Advice 1: How to find classmates

To search for classmates, classmates, colleagues and friends created a lot of social networks, where they can be registered. To find classmates, you must pass the registration, which normally takes no more than five minutes. Consider the most popular system.
How to find classmates
You will need
  • - Internet access,
  • computer or cell phone.
Enter "Search" name and surname of the person. The system will present all registered users of the website with the same name. To reduce the number of people, it is necessary to specify the age (from-to) country and city of residence. Also on the website there is a group called educational institutions, which can be possible classmates. If the person is found, you can see his page and add to friends.
Click on the Search tab to locate classmates". The advanced search allows you to find a person by the name of the city, schools, University, date of birth, work, military service and even for beliefs that he can write in his profile.
Enter the name of a classmate in the line "Search" with the "People" and click "search". Will be given a list of all users with that name, you can also specify the age, gender, city, school, UNIVERSITY, College, work, military unit, personal information of the person and interests.
Click on the tab "find friends" and type in the string "Search" name and surname of the person in Latin or Cyrillic. If you register, enter the name of your school or other educational institution, facebook immediately puts the list of possible friends who are in the system. Facebook also proposes to add registered users in the system who are contacts or friendship on, Yandex, Yahoo!, Skype, ICQ, QIP, other e-mail services.
Other sites.
Type in any search engine "Search classmates" and will be presented with a list of sites where you can find people by region, city, school or University. However, these sites also require registration, and the probability to find a friend there person minimal, as most use the most popular social networks described above.
How to find a person's classmates? Sometimes people hide and classmates your real name, surname, city, year of birth, and so on, write all sorts of nicknames. How in such situation to find a person in the social network? It seems that it is simply impossible, but actually there is a way. The first way is to find someone through other people, for example through friends and acquaintances of the right person.
Useful advice
But it should be something only the Internet at hand. However, if people first went to the page it will not immediately be determined how to find people and Classmates. This manual is to help such people. Options people search on <url>. For starters, you should know how to find a person at Classmates. The first thing you can try to find someone via the search menu. Text go to the menu "More", then "find new friends".

Advice 2: How to find a military unit

At the moment, the army, unfortunately, lose the reputation and respect which it had during the Soviet Union. Therefore, the main problem of young men of military age is the search for any opportunities that will allow them to avoid military service. Many of them succeed and some don't.
How to find a military unit
The majority of young people it will benefit, they return home very different people and will look at the world as an adult.
If you want to find the military unit in which you are destined to perform military service, go to the military enlistment office at the place of residence and ask the commandant of ' military units for review. So you can easily find out near a village, to be your military unit and how you get there. This information tell your relatives or friends, whom she really will be very important. You also can send with other recruits. It should be noted that the number of the military unit of the armed forces of the Russian Federation consists of five digits and one letter.
If you for some reason can't go to the recruiting office, call them on the phone and find out the number and the phone unit. Then search the Internet database of all Russian military units. Enter the back room of their base, and appear on the screen the address and other coordinates of the part in which the whole year you will have to carry all the burdens and hardships of military service. If you have any questions, contact the military for a detailed explanation of all the characteristics of the military unit to which you will soon go.
Aiming to get into an elite unit. There are all conditions for service, and physical development. There are gyms and stadiums, there you can raise the level of their physical endurance. Thanks to the modern equipment, you can easily learn all the subtleties of the military, if you were in an artillery or missile troops. Do your best not to get in the battalion - there will be hard times. Not only that, you will not get any new knowledge and will be able to lose those that were in your head. In any case, prepare yourself mentally to the fact that it will be difficult, and it will be much easier to perform military service.

Advice 3: How to find your classmates

Even a few decades to reconnect with former classmates and fellow students was a significant problem: lost addresses, phone numbers, people changed their place of residence. Currently, everything is much simpler.
How to find your classmates

Search classmates – it is not difficult

If you set a goal to find his friends and classmates, you will first try to find out their contact details through mutual friends. Maybe someone still maintains the link with your classmates. But if you don't want to confuse others, try to look for the right people using the network. On the Internet a lot of them. In Russia the most popular websites are Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Facebook, Moi Mir, the World of friends. And that's not the whole list of sites where you can find their classmates.

A good search engine for people in the social network Classmates. Naturally, in order to use its functions, you will need to register themselves on the website. Otherwise, useful options this kind of social service you will not be available. The user of the same site, just go to your personal page and in "Search" on the left (marked with magnifying glass symbol) to enter the data of your classmates: name, surname, age, approximate place of residence. Then the system will present you with all results. There may be many. In this case, it is recommended to narrow the search by specifying a more precise age of the city.

Also on the website there are a number of communities that unite classmates, students of a school or any other educational institution. To find it in the search bar enter the name of the school or University. The list of communities and find your educational institution and join this community by clicking "Join". Once you become a member of this group, click "Members" and look for it their classmates, classmates, etc. After that go to the right person on the page and send him an invitation to be friends.

If a friend Vkontakte

If the Classmates you're unlucky, try searching on other social networks. For example, very popular in our country, the service Vkontakte, so you can try to find your classmates on this website. To do this in the search bar, which is located on the top toolbar, enter the name of your friend. For the convenience of finding a particular person take advantage of additional features of the service. In the right part of the window fill in the points: region, school, University, gender, marital status, etc. In this case, the system will give you a narrower list of candidates. You will only need to choose the right person and send him a friend request. You can also find first community, and then see all the participants and invite to friends classmate.

There is a search of people in other social networks. You can also try to find someone through a search engine online, used by you. Set the search string is the name of a classmate, age. Perhaps using this data, the system will be able to find on the Internet the right person. You just have to click on the link.

Search outside of the Internet

If you are unable to find a friend in social networks, try the other options. For example, you can download telephone base cellular operators and to find the right person in them. Also, now there are many television programs specialized in finding people. One of them - "Wait for me". To help in the search of classmates can and various talk shows. Please refer to the transfer, tell your story and maybe soon you will be invited to the shooting, where you will present your classmate.

The people wanted a good any methods, so do not be amiss to recall the address certificate, which you can find in any city. You only will need to inform the surname, name, patronymic of your classmate. And so the search was more successful specify, if known, its date of birth and approximate place of residence, the city where he previously lived. You can also try to find out all the necessary information, referring to law enforcement bodies on the channels they can in a fairly short period of time to find out a person's location. Relatives entitled to apply to the bodies of internal Affairs statement about the loss of specific human relationships. Police will search and if a positive result will tell you where to look for, if, of course, he will not mind meeting you.
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