There are several proven ways that are worth considering.

Selling of game currency. There are two directions: either the player becomes a dealer and is engaged in buying and selling of game currency, or trying on a large scale to make it myself in the future to resell it.

Selling current account. Here is a little more complicated. The thing is that the sale of an account in many online games prohibited by the rules, and if it comes to administration, the greater the likelihood that sold the character can be blocked forever.

The referral (to other participants) in the game. In this way, every player can have a very good interest. And depends on how much money to invest in the development of the game and the character invited a friend.

To share experiences with other players. Participation in chats and discussions also brings some income, only here it is necessary correctly and to write lucidly. Many people write and consult for free, and if you find a loophole, then it is possible to earn good money.

To earn money from the sale, you need to start to invest in the game and develop to a certain level your hero. This can be done in two ways: free or paid.

When free way the risk of loss is very minimal. The game is fun and costs no not required. Only in this case the development of the game character is very slow. And, therefore, income will not be very quickly obtained.

In another method paid development goes much faster, but there is a great risk that the invested funds can not be returned.

After above, we can draw some conclusions which will allow to understand whether or not to get involved in games a long time.

First, when choosing games you need to learn about it and familiarize yourself with the rules, to visit the thematic forums. Secondly, when the pastime for games you can try yourself in the role of a tester of games online: no investment is required and there is a list of tested games that need to be checked on your computer.

The main thing to remember about what that work should bring not only income, but also fun.