You will need
  • - list of nicknames.
Many social media users are registered under their real names and surnames. If you tend to do so, enter your details into the search engine box. For those who have a name and surname is not especially common, this can be enough. You will see a list of pages, for the most part your own.
For those who have a name quite popular, you will need other data. Enter the middle name. This will narrow the circle of search, but before you still may have several tens or even hundreds of references, among which are not only your pages, but also those who have created your namesake.
Try to use other information about yourself. "Vkontakte" you can enter in a dedicated Windows year of birth, city, school, place of work, etc. Indicating all the data at once, you will quickly find your page. In the "Classmates" will help you with the name of the city, the school and the year of issue, that is, the data is generally entered during registration.
In the "Live Journal" and some other social networks it is customary to use nicknames. Remember how usernames you tend to join in social networks. If you tend to store nicknames and passwords in a separate file, locate it in your computer. Many users when registering on different sites use the same excellent or specify it as an additional name, for example, in a social network "Vkontakte". This is useful because it allows you to quickly find not only their own page, but also those people with whom the user has communicated on other sites and forums.
Open the website of the search engine and enter in the box the nick. If you are really underneath already checked in, you will see a number of links. However, it is possible that someone else has chosen the same excellent. You can help the other data. For example, if you see links to pages with information, is clearly not relevant to your interests, you can safely ignore them.
Think, don't have you in the usual nick you of any changes. Maybe when you register you find out that this excellent is already in use, and decided to add a few letters or numbers. Try entering different options.
Literary websites, with the possibility of free publication, such as "" or "", users usually register under their real names or under aliases permanent, because one of the challenges of such sites is the promotion of their works. Your nickname you remember. Enter it in the search engine box and add the word "Stanza" or "". You will be taken to your page.