The General principles of how to find a job in minecraft

Any player can easily find a list of the types of professional activities in which he - with a corresponding desire - will in the game. To do this, he first step is to turn chat on and press the letter T to call up a list of available vacancies need to enter the following command: /jobs browse. Quickly see a list of nearly two dozen different professions.

At first difficult to understand what represents each activity. Especially because many of them are very similar. Because before to agree on a specific specialization, the player is not hurt to learn.

To do this, enter in the chat command /jobs info, and separated by a space to specify the desired specialty. Not necessary to agree on the first lesson. It is better to consider everything that may be of interest. So the gamer gets to know about jobs in a particular profession and cash bonuses.

Remuneration for work will increase as we move gamers to a higher level of skill. It will happen due to the accumulation of a certain gaming experience.

Once the choice is made, the player need to write in chat the command /jobs join and the job title. The selected job is highlighted in the chat in red. At the same time you cannot take more than four specialties.

Work for the miners and destroyers

Those who are at the heart of the principal lessons of any "microptera": mining valuable resources and fighting against evil monsters - to start to do this kind of work for financial reward. However, here the emphasis is on the destruction of the various blocks or playing creatures.

A real warrior, loving fearlessly to fight with various monsters and having to do a full set of great armor, will want to take on the role of a soldier (Soldier). Such an employee will accrue a cash bonus for each killed hostile, and some neutral mobs. A sort of analogue of the foreign Ministry, saving the surroundings from dangerous characters.

Completely different tasks from Digger (Digger). He will "fight" only with a shovel only with different blocks. Dig he will need the ground, mycelium, sand, gravel, soul Sand, grass, clay.

Very similar functions of a miner (Miner). He will earn bonuses, shattering the stone and precious ores - lapis lazuli, netherrack, Redstone, iron, etc. to Pay for this will, of course, not as in "LUKOIL" for oil production, but quite bearable for the gamer.

Miners of food and cooks

Players, more gravitating to all sorts of "peaceful" activities and prefer spending time in the kitchen, in the garden or fishing, will probably choose some other profession. This group of specialties is obtaining valuable resources of flora and fauna.

For example, the Woodsman (Woodsman) will need to earn one's living by growing seedlings, and turning them into trees to cut them from wood and leaves; the Fisherman (Fisherman), as required by his profession, is to earn money catch.

The functions of the Farmer (Farmer) is slightly more extensive. He intended to cultivate various agricultural crops and ornamental plants. Flowers, mushrooms, Infernal Growths, watermelons, pumpkin, and also killing cows, sheep, chickens, pigs - it's all his parish.

A bit more creative job at Baker (Baker). It is necessary not only to create basic cooking ingredients (like sugar), but to judge of them with different levels of difficulty meals.

When gamers realize that a certain profession is sick and tired of it, or it is for some other reason wish to leave her, to leave her easily. You need only to write in chat the command /jobs leave, followed by the name of the specialty.

Real magicians

Those who always dreamed of becoming a magician and because even in the game wants to feel it in this role and offers a choice of five vacancies associated with witchcraft and the change in properties of various objects. All these professions are very similar among themselves.

For example, Enchanter, Conjurer Theurgist and will have to enchant various things. The first of them will focus solely on weapons, another on armor, and the third one on the tools.

Also very similar task from the Alchemist and Brewer. They both earn Carpediem over the chemical vessels and the creation of quite valuable to perform various game tasks product - potions. While Brewer more specialization he is into attacking magic drinks.

Their ancestral lands - crafting and construction

The other five occupations of the seventeen available in Minecraft are associated with the creation of various objects, as well as the construction and beautification of buildings. Those players, who like most prefer, you will certainly be interested in such vacancies.

For example, there are three similar professions - Weaponsmith, Armorer and Toolmaker. The first two Smiths, but one of them will have to craft and repair weapons and the other armor. Duties of the Toolmaker with forge are not connected - he makes and repairs only the instruments.

Builder (Builder) will for a fee to install the various blocks that make up all kind of buildings. Carpenter (carpenter) will elevate, creating different decorative objects: stairs, fences, pressure plates, etc.