First steps

Of course, you don't need to sit and wait when rich lady herself will turn his attention to you. You need to act.

You should critically evaluate themselves, their appearance, and intellectual capacity. A gigolo is a man who is always watching their appearance. You must maintain good form, visit gyms and beauty salons. Appearance must always be flawless.

Gigolo must be charismatic and stand out from the crowd. It needs to be a skilled psychologist to be able immediately to distinguish unmistakably the wealthy, bored lady. Moreover, it needs to be able to endear and fascinate.

You can, of course, to get into a special Agency that is engaged in the provision of escort services, but it will be the usual prostitution, but the goal of any self-respecting gigolo is to find a rich woman for a long time and regularly get away from it not only some money but a nice bonus in the form of exclusive gifts.

What you need to be ready or moral side of the issue

We should not delude ourselves: the gigolo has always been, is and will be a negative attitude from others. This is understandable, after all, a gigolo is having different kind of services for money. This is a challenge to the society where a man still associated with a getter and a reliable rear for women.

Often a gigolo embroiled in scandalous and criminal history. A case in point. In 2009, to imprisonment for a period of 6 years was sentenced 44-year-old Swiss national Helg Sgarbi, who, being a professional gigolo, extorted money from the co-owner of BMW, threatening to release details of his novel and candid photos. During the investigation it was revealed that Helg earned by fraud on three other ladies.

It is difficult to catch the moment when gigolo from charming and witty decorations party turns into a criminal and swindler.

By choosing this way of earning money, remember that you can give someone to hurt, so should not be long to hide their intentions to lie to a woman, pretending to be selfless and innocent love.

This profession is now quite popular in certain circles, so to find a wealthy lady who need a beautiful date for various activities and for leisure should not be too difficult. Of course, if you possess all the above qualities.