To start a business in the Sims 4, create a game character, and let him dwell in any town. In live mode, click the mobile phone icon on the bottom left. In the opened window, select the bottom icon "Career" and click the "Buy the store".

As in real life, for the purchase of land and construction of the store must have sufficient financial means. However, this is a game, and it is possible to use your code. For the enrichment of the SIM enough to type Ctrl+Shift+Enter command+C and enter: 1) developer code testingCheats true, 2) code for money money #(where # is the desired amount).

After the plot is purchased, it is necessary to build the store itself. Go ahead and fantasize! And remember, the more paintings, flowers and carpet, the brighter mood among buyers. Required attribute trade is a cash register. Without it, the game just will not save the process.


Well, then, what kind of business without trade counter? Beautiful semi-circular counter will give the store a special style. To make a semi-circular cabinets is possible, if you click on a thumb and select menu color. To the left of the colors will be advanced settings. It is recommended to turn off automatic arrangement of the tables.


The trading room also needs a decent environment. Buy special shelves in the section "Items/trade" in build mode and place them on anything you want to sell (for example, perfume or pile of clothes in the section "Decoration/Other".

To start a business in the Sims 4 is not possible without hiring staff. To do this in live mode click on the cash register, and select "Manage employees". At first available only one worker. To respectability your store, create each employee a unique form in the same style.

With successful trading in the store will go bonuses that you can buy additional services to improve the shop. So if you are ready to start your own business in the Sims 4, watch the mood of customers, create a cozy atmosphere and don't forget to replenish showcase.