Graduate from a school, College or University in one of the technical specialties (not necessarily associated with the railway) and contact the personnel Department of the depot of one of the cities, which formed the trains and teams of operators. It is not necessary that these cities were regional. For example, in the cities of Orsk, Novokuznetsk or Ruzaevka, too, has a similar depot.
Before you contact the human resources Department, recon the situation and will contact the depot, talk with staff and managers to find out whether you have real prospects to work with them.
If the personnel Department have nothing against the fact that you got a job, get a referral railway hospital or clinic for examination. For this examination you have to pay a certain sum of money, so save your receipt because if you take a job, but this is refunded with the first salary. This will take your application and original receipt. Note: in order to get a positive medical conclusion, you need to have absolute vision and satisfactory characteristics from a psychologist.
To apply for the position of assistant engineer only personnel depot qualified "fitter rolling stock is not below 3-rd category. So after you pass the medical examination, you will first sent for training as an apprentice locksmith rolling stock (if you certainly do not have this specialty).
Get this skill category and send to the personnel Department application for admission to a group for training in a traffic-technical school on a speciality "assistant engineer". Will receive a certificate of completion of theoretical part of teaching in DTSH.
The practical part you will learn directly at the depot. First you have to go through training as an assistant-Intern (6 trips with instructor), then to take exams in the specialty, health and to make an independent trip (without an instructor).