To draw the work through the power of thought is quite simple. Importantly, daily spend time in his dream. Mentally visualize the perfect job in detail. How do you communicate with colleagues, how equipped is your workplace where you dine and what your relationship is with the head. You have to think about work as if you already got it, thus you're programming your consciousness into a dream come true. After all, when you fantasize, are in a state of harmony with the universe, you are in a good mood, and your happy smile will not go unnoticed in your entourage.
Take out a piece of paper and describe your perfect job. You must write in the present tense, for example: "I work in a large international company. Every day I come to work by 9 a.m. with a smile on my face, and I can't wait to start my day, because my official duties bring pleasure. Exactly at 18 hours my colleagues and I leave our jobs. Colleagues – my peers, we always have something to talk about and something to make a joke. I find it easy and nice to work in a friendly atmosphere. Every month I get a salary... and a prize ...". Write the exact amount of money you want to earn. The amount should not be exorbitant, you must be aware of the presence of the money in your pocket, and inner voice should not say that this is impossible. At the end of the letter write the exact date of the device to work, for example: "And so I work from 15 September 2011. Imagine how much you'll need time for the device to work , and specify the desired date for yourself. Then roll the paper and put it in a red envelope in a secret place. Red attracts positive energy, so the desire has a chance to be fulfilled faster.
Don't get attached to money. If you are not working and desperately feel the need to Finance, you should not say to yourself: "I will find the money? For six months I can't get a normal job, and good luck turned away from me." Saying similar phrases, you aggravate your financial situation, because you make a promise in space, that is not worthy of the money and close themselves themselves from luck.
Try to stay positive. Help others, if possible, let's borrow money. After all, in life the principle of a boomerang – the more you give, the more you get. And take action to get work. Every morning and evening dream in details about your desired place of work, and in the afternoon go to the interview, stand in a queue at the labor exchange, search for jobs on the Internet. Fortune favors not only positive people, but also hardworking!