What you need to know any admin of a Minecraft server

The administrator must be fair and adequate person to know a lot of the teams, it is desirable to be able to build and maintain various mini-games. If you decide to be an admin on my personal server, it is necessary to know and be able to set the configuration server files, install and configure plugins, pay for hosting.

A simple way to become an administrator

If you already have some gaming experience and you know a lot of commands, you can try your luck on the different existing servers. Go to them, find the coordinates of the chief administrator and socialize so that he wanted to see you as his assistant. In this case, you do not need to buy hosting, create a server, configure it, order advertising and promotion to attendance, create a website, group, etc.

The most important thing to show themselves in the right light, you can't just dobavilis in messenger, start to beg. Write competently, without errors and with dignity. Justify their desire to become an administrator, please indicate on your positive qualities. Note that the main administrator usually writes a huge number of people and they all want something.

Often, the admin rights are sold for a certain amount of money. Here please pay attention to the reputation of the project server. How long did he exist, what people leave reviews. Pay attention to the server, it works without a glitch? You are completely satisfied with it? If everything is in order and you are ready to invest money, start to arrange the transfer.

Complex and expensive method

The main administrator you can only be in the case if you create your own Minecraft server. First of all it is necessary to find decent hosting that suits you at a price. Today enough to take advantage of any search engine. Pay attention to its characteristics. For full server Minecraft needs a good CPU. Too low power on one of the cores will lead to failures. In other words, several low-power cores will not save your server from lag, because almost all of the basic information is handled in a single thread. Namely chunks, tiles, light, entity (almost all of the game objects, spawn mobs, processing player data generation and loading of chunks, saving chunks, etc. If will be a choice of 2 powerful cores or 8 weak, it is better to have 2 powerful. This also applies to the case when you rent a car somewhere (buy RSG), and when you build a home server machine.

Choosing the amount of RAM for server machine, start from the calculation is 50 megabytes to 1 slot. That is, if you want to have a server for 100 people, multiply 100 by 50 and to be sure, add another 200 to shortage of RAM was not sure.
By purchasing a server at your disposal will go a permanent IP address, which will serve as the address for game server Minecraft. Download from the official site of the distro, then pour it into one of the directories of the host machine. For this you can use the program WinSCP. To control the host machine is usually used the program Putty. Access data are provided at the conclusion of the agreement, after payment. The subtleties of the settings of a Minecraft server it is impossible to describe in one article, so you need to study the issue.

Almost free way

If you have a good powerful computer, a good Internet connection and a permanent, white IP address, you can host a Minecraft server at home. The only inconvenience here is that when you turn off the computer, it will be your job to stop the server. In addition, it must immediately prepare for the fact that the server will consume large amounts of memory and CPU capacity. While not a powerful system you cannot create a server on many slots. This option is more appropriate for friendly play together.

If you use router do not forget to forward it to the port specified in the config file of your Minecraft server. As in the case of paid web hosting, you need to download the server installation package from the official site to configure it. Want to add plugins, mods, etc. don't forget that all the extra things to eat a certain amount of resources.

Another important point — the server version and client. Today the most popular is the Minecraft version 1.5.2, it created a huge number of plugins and mods, but soon the same number of plugins will be created for 1.6.4 and later. If you have downloaded, installed and launched the server version 1.5.2, and the client must have a corresponding value. Otherwise the player will not be able to connect and nothing happens.

When the port proposed, the server is configured and running, you can distribute the IP address of your computer for those who wish to connect to.

Type provided by your ISP IP addresses

It will not work if your IP address is dynamic. Because then you at least need to report its new value to all who want to play on a created server. Find out what's your address, please contact tehom or information service provider. Often due to the lack of "white" addresses, which you can easily connect, users connect to "gray" that are not suitable for ideas with a home Minecraft server. In this case, find out whether you can change the address from "grey" to "white" and how much it costs.


The most simple option is the simulation of a LAN using Hamachi. Each player puts themselves in this program. One runs on the computer the Minecraft server. The Hamachi gives a permanent IP address and communicated to the rest of the team holder of the server.

This option is good because it can use even a user with a dynamic IP address. The downside is the reluctance of the masses to play on a makeshift home server, and even through some additional programs. Competition among holders of large Minecraft servers, so all players try to choose the most successful and sustainable projects. Hamachi is the option for a close circle of friends and acquaintances.