People in Minecraft is mob the first in the history of the game. However, since version 1.8, create it will be impossible, because the developers have simplified this function. However, the players have not lost anything because this character is special role is not played, and it was impossible subsequently to transform, but in the meantime many people liked him.

Man in Classic Minecraft

In Classic Minecraft mob person could create a very simple, by pressing the key G. But now this is not possible. The human mob in Minecraft was not very good especially as it was not possible to take action to destroy or create blocks. He just wandered through the game world, not having a purpose.

Mob man been exposed to liquids and other blocks as the player. Minecraft fans often believe that they can control it and use in some action. But people in Minecraft never had such functions, because in the game he acted as a mob, and did not differ from animals.

Iron man

In the latest versions of the game there are mobs for every taste, but man. But you can return it to Minecraft, it will only be iron. To create it you will need to find and download the mod for people for Minecraft 1.3.2. Thanks to this extension, the player will be able to feel in the guise of iron man. It was created by the developers based on the cinematic super-hero, and has almost the same functionality that was Tony stark. The player can shoot, fly, like a bird, invent.

For version Minecraft 1.4.2, you can also install fashion for men. Once the extension is unpacked in the gaming world will be the human race. The behavior of these mobs is practically no different from the realities of life. In Minecraft they have to follow the same laws as ordinary people.

Magic egg of a resident

If you do not want to install mods, you can create a human in Minecraft with the help of magical eggs resident. This is a very rare artifact, is not so simple. In most cases it appears in the treasures and places that spawn mobs. One egg allows you to add one person. When there is no time to search this artifact, you should find a village and build a lot of houses, then there will automatically increase the number of residents.