Particularly uncomfortable trip to the "lady doctor" is for young girls, the first visit to the gynecologist. Due to embarrassment or fear of gynecological chair they have to delay examination, thereby increasing the risk of various women's diseases and their transition into a chronic condition. A pelvic exam is necessary not only to check the reproductive system for possible problems – the doctor also evaluates the accuracy of the development of internal organs and the process of puberty.
Before you sit in the gynecological chair, it is necessary to prepare for the exam, wearing the pre-prepared cotton socks, which will be easy to walk to the chair and not worry about the state of your pedicure. To patients was easier to climb to the bulky design, gynaecological chair is supplied with a pair of steps by which you can easily get up and down on the seat. In addition, the chair has comfortable arm rests, where the woman can put the hands and comfortable to hold in this position for the entire survey procedure.
Before you sit on the gynecological chair, it is necessary to lay on his seat disposable napkin or a diaper, and then climb on it and take the appropriate position. Usually women are most afraid of metal holders for the feet that allow the gynecologist as much detail as possible to explore examine area. Depending on purposes a pelvic examination, these holders are mounted in position, by which the examination will be painless and comfortable.
Sitting on the examination table, you have to lift the hem of her dress, gently lay down on the seat, put the feet in the stirrups, and move your pelvis to the edge of the structure to the gynecologist didn't have to reach for the examined object. It should also be free from wear the belly, since the doctor during examination is to palpate the lower part of it. So the process went smoothly and stress, psychologists are advised to breathe deeply and evenly – this will help to overcome fear and become over your emotions for more control.