How to pass inspection

A visit to the gynecologist begins with a survey. The doctor asks questions about the first and last menstruation, the date of commencement and regularity of sexual activity. Asked about contraception, the complaints of isolation and pain. After that there is an inspection on the gynecological chair.

First, the doctor conducts a visual inspection of the external genitalia. It requires no tools, just good lighting. Gynecologist visually assesses whether there is any redness, rashes, lesions and other abnormalities.

The next step is the examination of the cervix and vaginal walls with gynecological mirror. Sometimes the examination uses a colposcope is an instrument with lenses that magnify the image 20-30 times. It may be necessary in order to see the smallest of details. With colcoscopy gynecologist to assess the cervix can react to acetic acid and nesperova solution of iodine. These reactions allow to detect dysplasia, erosion, inflammation and warts.

At the end of the examination chair gynecologist examines the woman's stomach inside and out. This is done manually, without any equipment. Therefore, the physician assesses the location, shape and size of the uterus and appendages.

After inspection of the genital organs and the taking of smears from the vagina gynecologist examines and palpated mammary glands. Detection seals may be grounds for referral to the mammologist.

Mandatory takes a smear on the flora, it allows to identify inflammation. To detect cancer cells at an early stage, is Cytology, the doctor takes cells from the surface of the cervix.

What not to do at a reception at the gynecologist

You can't cheat. Asking questions about the number of sexual partners and an illness, the doctor only wants to get a full picture of the patient's life for an accurate diagnosis. Do not be afraid of condemnation from the doctor, accusations of promiscuity and immorality.

Don't be shy to ask questions. In the office of gynecologist is not so uncomfortable. In addition, medical terminology is not always clear to other people. Any action the physician should explain to the patient is available for that language. A woman should not be afraid to ask about what she doesn't understand.

Before the gynaecological visit is 2-3 days to abstain from sex. It is not necessary to douche and to use the funds for intimate hygiene. The contained components can affect the test results.

The planned appointment with the gynecologist to go in the first days after menstruation. At this time, the immunity of women is slightly reduced, which allows to identify even the hidden disease.