Types of gynecological mirrors

Gynecological mirrors have a different shape and diameter (rooms 1-6) that are used depending on the size of the pelvis of the patient and capacity of the vagina. Fluted mirror Simon consists of two scoops with handles. Rear spoon (fluted) is designed for pulling the walls of the vagina, the front (flat) is inserted under the front wall. Such mirrors have different widths, they are numbered 2 and 3.

Vaginal speculum-lift Ott has legkoobratimy part of various diameters (numbers 1-4) and flat plate, which is fixed to the groove in the handle with the screw. Double mirror Cuzco has two leaves, which, after introduction into the vagina can be fixed in a defined position with a special spacer. Like the double mirrors of different width of leaves (1 to 3). Their use eliminates the need to use the lift and frees the doctor's hands to perform a vaginal manipulations (for example, taking the secret of the cervix). To widely disclose the vagina, use a flat wide mirror of Dean, which are numbered from one to five (depending on the width of the spoons).

Gynecological mirrors are made of metal, in medical centers may use disposable tools made of plastic. For examination, doctors use a special baby mirror, by which it is possible to perform inspection of the minimal damage to the vagina and hymen. Also produced special gynecological and children's lifts.

How to use gynecological mirrors

Gynecological mirror doctors use for examination of the cervix, vagina. Tools legkoobratimy forms give the opportunity to see the cervix and the vaginal walls. On examination, the gynecologist puts the patient into the vagina back and then the front mirror. Pulling them in different directions, the doctor inspects the mucosa, noting its color, grain size, rugosity, presence of growths, tears, scars, swelling, redness, discharge). During the inspection it turns out the size and shape of the vaginal portion of the cervix, is determined by the shape of the opening of the uterus, revealed the presence of erosions, tears, secretions from the cervical canal. Visual examination with the aid of gynaecological mirror allows you to identify precancerous lesions and early stage cervical cancer. For a more thorough inspection of the mucosa using a special optical instrument - the colposcope.